Global Automotive Curved Display Market 2022-2027

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    Displays that are mounted on the vehicle’s center stack or in the speedometer region are becoming increasingly prevalent. These are used to show essential information to the driver in order to monitor the vehicle’s performance and track navigation, speed, and distance. 



    Glass screens are now standard in most cars, and they are frequently the sole flat surface in the vehicle. More and larger displays necessitate curved displays to fit to the interior’s contours. These curved screens will serve a purpose that is more significant than simply being attractive. They will also play a key role in enhancing user safety and pleasure. 



    A curved display is a cutting-edge display technology that uses three-dimensional displays rather than two-dimensional ones. It has the potential to significantly alter how we think about and utilise a variety of interfaces, ranging from TVs and computers to tablets and mobile devices. 


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    End consumers will progressively notice more improved versatility than with today’s normal flat glass or plastic screen, which often incorporates a gesture touchscreen interface, as curved screen light-emitting diode displays make their way to them.  



    The screens are a significant impediment to the interior of the vehicle. They demonstrate how enormous, flat displays are becoming increasingly challenging to handle in an ergonomically optimized interior design where every other surface is curved. 






    The Global Automotive Curved Display Market accounted for $XX Billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach $XX Billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of XX% from 2022 to 2027. 




    The all-new Mercedes S-Class launched in September 2020 is loaded with technology on the cutting edge features the automotive curved display spanning full dashboard width. The dashboard is entirely made of a curved display screen that reaches the width of the cabin for the yet-to-launch electric-powered S-Class. The central and front passenger displays are OLED units which give a better picture quality and also provide better haptic feedback. The curved unit is molded in three dimensions using a special three-layer coating which Mercedes terms it as the ‘Silver Shadow.





    Corning Incorporated has announced that its proprietary Corning® ColdForm Technology for curved automobile display systems has been industrialized. ColdForm Technology enables larger, curved, and more integrated display designs, which are driven by consumer desire for additional in-car infotainment and connection. 



    The Cadillac Escalade incorporates LG Electronics’ P-OLED technology, which is the first time a curved OLED display has been used in a production car. 



    The P-OLED display is the focal point of Cadillac’s all-new design, which is the first vehicle to use LG’s P-OLED Digital Cockpit Solution. 



    FlexEnable, a leader in the research and industrialization of plastic electronics for flexible displays and sensors, has teamed up with Novares to integrate curved, glass-free organic LCDs (OLCDs) into the Novares Nova Car. 








    1. What is the average cost per Automotive Curved Display  right now and how will it change in next 5-6 years?  
    2. Average cost to set up a  Automotive Curved Display in US, Europe and China? 
    3. How many  Automotive Curved Display  are manufactured per annum globally? Who are the sub-component suppliers in different regions? 
    4. What is happening in the overall public, globally?  
    5. Cost breakup of a  Automotive Curved Display and key vendor selection criteria 
    6. Where is the Automotive Curved Display Market ? What is the average margin per equipment? 
    7. Market share of Automotive Curved Display  manufacturers and their upcoming products 
    8. The most important planned Automotive Curved Display in next 2 years 
    9. Details on network of major Automotive Curved Display and pricing plans 
    10. Cost advantage for OEMs who manufacture Automotive Curved Display in-house 
    11. 5 key predictions for next 5 years in Global Automotive Curved Display Market 
    12. Average B-2-B Automotive Curved Display price in all segments 
    13. Latest trends in Automotive Curved Display, by every market segment 
    14. The market size (both volume and value) of Global Automotive Curved Display Market in 2022-2027 and every year in between? 
    15. Global production breakup of  Automotive Curved Display, by suppliers and their OEM relationship 


    Sl no  Topic 
    Market Segmentation 
    Scope of the report 
    Research Methodology 
    Executive Summary 
    Insights from Industry stakeholders 
    Cost breakdown of Product by sub-components and average profit margin 
    Disruptive innovation in the Industry 
    10  Technology trends in the Industry 
    11  Consumer trends in the industry 
    12  Recent Production Milestones 
    13  Component Manufacturing in US, EU and China 
    14  COVID-19 impact on overall market 
    15  COVID-19 impact on Production of components 
    16  COVID-19 impact on Point of sale 
    17  Market Segmentation, Dynamics and Forecast by Geography, 2022-2027 
    18  Market Segmentation, Dynamics and Forecast by Product Type, 2022-2027 
    19  Market Segmentation, Dynamics and Forecast by Application, 2022-2027 
    20  Market Segmentation, Dynamics and Forecast by End use, 2022-2027 
    21  Product installation rate by OEM, 2022 
    22  Incline/Decline in Average B-2-B selling price in past 5 years 
    23  Competition from substitute products 
    24  Gross margin and average profitability of suppliers 
    25  New product development in past 12 months 
    26  M&A in past 12 months 
    27  Growth strategy of leading players 
    28  Market share of vendors, 2022 
    29  Company Profiles 
    30  Unmet needs and opportunity for new suppliers 
    31  Conclusion 
    32  Appendix 
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