Global Automotive Engine Market 2019-2025

August 4, 2019
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As of Aug 2019, the auto industry is battling multiple headwinds like declining sales globally and especially in China, reduced margins for suppliers, job cuts and lower capital expenditure.


Almost all OEMs and suppliers have scaled down their revenue and profitability guidance for 2019.Both are looking extensively at e-mobility and shared mobility and the internal combustion engine is not getting the amount focus it used to, 5 years ago.


The global engine downsizing trend is done and dusted, the automotive engine will now play second fiddle to electric mobility.


Many mechanical components like oil pump, coolant pump, HVAC compressor will be electrified and thus the sub-component suppliers need to align themselves with this global vehicle electrification trend to stay relevant.


Key contents of the report include

  • The most important shift in OEMs engine development and manufacturing
  • Is there a growing market for innovative engine coating/ thermal encapsulation
  • What will be the future of non-electric, alternate fuel engines like CNG, LPG and E85
  • Top 10 engines and their derivatives which will power 31% of global production in 2019
  • In the light of declining diesel passenger vehicle sales,what will happen to CRDI system market and its sub-component manufacturing?
  • R&D Capex for 2019-2025
  • Market Size, Market Segmentation, Market Forecast (Volume and Value)
    • by  Fuel type (Gasoline, Diesel, CNG, LPG, E85)
    • by  Sub-components( Piston, Crankshaft, Valves,fuel injection system, Cylinder head,Thermal management, Pumps)
    • by  Power output(HP) (<100,100-150,150-250,>250)
    • by  Geography (Asia, Europe, North America and Special focus on China)
    • by Vehicle Application  (Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle)
    • by Engine sourcing(in-sourced and outsourced)
  • Market Dynamics (Trends, Drivers, and Challenges)
  • OE-supplier alignment in the automotive engine market
  • Market share and competitive landscape of Global Automotive Engines Market


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