Global Automotive Filters Market 2020-2025

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    Each year globally about 2 billion oil filters are replaced and disposed of. There are different kinds of automotive filters whose usage helps in achieving better fuel economy and more importantly cleaner environment.


    Fuel Efficiency and Emission norms are two major factors influencing the automotive filters market. Different kinds of filters used in an engine powered and hybrid vehicles are

    • Engine air filters
    • Cabin air filters
    • Oil filters
    • Fuel filters
    • Steering filters
    • Transmission filters


    infographic: Automotive Filters Market, automotive filters market size, automotive filters market trends, automotive filters market forecast and risks, automotive filters market report

    Whereas, a BEV essentially has 2 types of filters, Battery and Cabin filters. Battery filters consists of ventilation and critical for thermal management of batteries. Cabin filter keep passenger compartment free from any kind of contaminants.




    By type of Filter used

    • Air Filter
    • Oil Filter
    • Cabin Filter


    By End Use

    • OEMs
    • Aftermarket


    By Vehicle Usage

    • Passenger Vehicles
    • Commercial Vehicles
    • Two-Wheeled Vehicles


    By Geography

    • US
    • China
    • Europe
    • India



    Engine powered and Hybrid vehicles accounts majority of the market in filtration systems. The stringent emission norms across the world have been the major driving factor of the automotive filters market in recent times. However, with the increase in electric vehicles production there has been direct effect on air and oil filters.


    infographic: Automotive Filters Market, automotive filters market size, automotive filters market trends, automotive filters market forecast and risks, automotive filters market report


    Passenger vehicles account for the highest penetration in the filters market, solely because of the passenger car population across the world. The requirement for different varieties of filters has boosted the growth in filters market.


    In order to maintain a cleaner passenger compartment and stricter emission acts has demanded for better filters across the passenger car segment. Any passenger cars are subjected to change the filters after every 20,000 -30,000 miles driven. If the vehicles are used extensively or in not so favourable conditions filter change must be considered much before the subjected period. Installation of air and oil filters improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and hence drivers are driven to install filters in their cars.



    The second highest filter market is found in passenger vehicles segment. It can be either LCV or an HCV.


    infographic: Automotive Filters Market, automotive filters market size, automotive filters market trends, automotive filters market forecast and risks, automotive filters market report

    Since usually commercial vehicles spend much of the time in construction sites or any other working site prone to huge amount of dust, the need for better air intake and cleaner cabin becomes important. Moreover, commercial vehicles travel a long distance and this creates a need for better fuel efficiency and emission. All these reasons constitute and help in growth of the filters market in commercial vehicles segment.



    US being a hub for automobile sales, auto makers demand for large number of filters.. There is a high demand for quality air filters and has lead to number of air filter manufacturers, most of them being after market. Some of the automotive filters manufacturers from US are Donaldson, Parker Hannifin. Some of the leading aftermarket manufacturers are K&N Engineering.



    The European market with large number of auto manufacturers has come out as one of the leaders in filter markets in the world. The other reason being severe regulations to control emission has led to surge in filters market.


    infographic: Automotive Filters Market, automotive filters market size, automotive filters market trends, automotive filters market forecast and risks, automotive filters market report

    Many leading air and oil filters manufacturers are from Europe supplying to the OEMs. Some of them are Bosch, Mann+Hummel, Hengst, Mahle GmbH and Freudenberg Filtration Systems all of them from Germany. UFI filters from Italy are another filter manufacturer who excel both OE and aftermarket sales. Some of the aftermarket filter solutions are Alco and BMC filters. Bosch also has their aftermarket sales.



    China is now world`s biggest automotive market. Even though it accounts for highest amount of BEVs there is a high requirement for cabin air filters and battery filters. The European filter manufacturers like Mann+Hummel and Bosch are the leaders in this region. Bengbu Jinwei Filters is one of the very few Chinese automotive filter manufacturers. Gaubb Group from China under the brand YBM Filters have been manufacturing filters for passenger vehicles.



    India accounts for largest 2 wheeler market in the world. The stricter emission regulations from the Indian Government has played important role in filters market in India. India is also one of the leading markets in commercial vehicles demanding the increasing number of filters from the vehicle manufacturers. Some of the leading filters manufacturers are Fleetguard, Zenith, Inzin and Viking filters.




    infographic: Automotive Filters Market, automotive filters market size, automotive filters market trends, automotive filters market forecast and risks, automotive filters market report

    Even though there is an increase in BEVs who will result in downfall of air and oil filters market, the absence of engine and it creates a lot of room to fit in a larger cabin air filter. This prospect might influence the filter manufacturers to look onto it closely and work on this. Among IC engine vehicles, the stringent emission rules worldwide must help the filters market to increase.



    • Mann+Hummel in 2020, due to pandemic it experienced a decline of 8.9% in sales and the value drop was estimated to be € 3.8 Billion in 2020.
    • Donaldson Company, in its 1st quarterly report in 2021 stated that its net earnings were $61.9 Million as compared with $65.0 Million in 2020.
    • The MAHLE Group with sales of €8 Billion in 2020, experienced a fall in sales by 16% in comparison with 2019.
    • The Filtration division of the SOGEFI group obtained important orders from North American and European customers for traditional components (especially oil filters).
    • Parker Hannifin reported increase of 15% sales after the 1st half of FY-2021 $ 6.9B and the Net income was a record $447.3 Million, which includes a gain of approximately $76.4 million.



    • Mann+Hummel has developed a new filter for public transport vehicles especially buses, called ‘Fine Dust Eater’. It is an emission neutral device designed to capture PM2.5-PM10 sized particles
    • In November 2020, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, announced the launch of its vehicle cabin air filters in India,
    • UFI Filters has opened its first aftermarket plant in India. UFI is operating the aftermarket under the name Sofima Filters.
    • MAHLE has developed two standardised air filter for fuel cell vehicles. The new range of products are estimated to be developed in lesser time and cost is predicted to be

    ●   Donaldson is going to expand its Filter Minder Connect Monitoring Solution which would include Fuel Filters and Engine Oil Condition Monitoring this connected engine technology will provide performance data to inform optimum filter maintenance decisions for on-road truck fleets and off-road equipment.

    • In August 2020, Italian automotive component manufacturer UFI Filters, has launched an anti-virus cabin air filter for passenger vehicle models in India under the ‘Sofima D+fend’ brand
      • This has been introduced in 21 most popular models in India.
    • Ford recently announces its launch of a new cabin air filter option, innovated together with Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, the new Ford micronAir proTect cabin air filter is highly effective at capturing germs, allergens and viruses that can cause significant health problems.
    • In March 2020, BASF and Hengst have developed the world’s first reusable plastic spin-on oil filter module for cars
    • Toyota Boshoku developed PM 2.5 air filters of the world’s highest-level efficiency as Toyota’s first with a new concept of Minus Emissions .
    • Mann+Hummel to work on areas of molecular filtration and activated carbon solutions.



    Automotive Filters market is predominantly ruled by the European filter manufacturers in OE market. Few of them are Bosch Auto Parts, Mann+Hummel, Hengst share the maximum market share. Donaldson and Parker Hannifin from US are the leading manufacturer in US region. Denso and Toyota Boshoku are the Japanese filter manufacturers. In aftermarket sales K&N from US have been the aftermarket leaders. Fleetguard Filters from India have been supplying filters to major Cummins Filtrations and other OEMs across the world.


    UFI Filters who has production plant in Haryana, have been able to launch cabin air filter products at the price of just 25% of the vehicle’s original cabin filter.




    1. Mann+Hummel
    2. Donaldson
    3. Hengst
    4. Mahle
    5. Bosch
    6. Denso
    7. Inzin
    8. Zenith
    9. Fleetguard
    10. Alco
    11. K&N
    12. Toyota Boshoku
    13. Viking Filters
    14. Parker Hannifin
    15. Freudenberg
    16. BMC filters
    17. UFI filters
    18. SOGEFI group
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