As technology is developing pretty fast the need for much safer, comfortable, and durable mobility options is on the rise.We are entering the era of self-driving vehicles where the need for the hour is accuracy, preciseness, and safety.


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Electronics components used in the automotive are one of the best ways to improve in order to alter the quality and efficiency to meet the current demand. As we all know that most of the components used are made up of silicon. Researchers are now evolving GaN to develop a highly stable component that can beat the qualities of silicon.


Gallium Nitride(GaN), is a semiconductor compound that can be useful in making devices that can provide high output power, high efficiency at the microwave, or radio frequency. The basic reason for adoption was power device optimization to save energy. GaN is helpful in solving the issue of conduction and switching losses as compared to other semiconductor counterparts. It does provide high breakdown voltage and thus very useful for the high-efficiency power supply used in HV/EV development.



According to most industry experts, Gallium Nitride is going to replace silicon by 2025. It also can play a huge role in the development of Power electronics devices. IISc, Bangalore has already researched a GaN-based transistor that provides a better range of operating frequency to faster operation.


Gallium Nitride based devices will have a huge demand in the healthcare center too. Depending upon the current situation non-contact services are in demand. Owing to high performance it could be deployed in the robots to perform delicate surgeries.



The Gallium Nitride market started expanding after 2016 but was in buzz from 2010 after the initial researches. 

After further development, the American market took over to invest further in its defense and aerospace development. The market is going to grow further ahead due to constant researches in the field.

The autonomous driving section ADAS is going to expand the market in the near future. The major reason will be the better range adapting with less error due to the application of Gallium Nitride in the LIDAR and RADAR section.

Automotive industry is also looking forward to utilize Gallium Nitride technology in lights, powered lasers, and indoor lighting decorations.

The next segment contributing to Gallium Nitride market growth will be Opto- Semiconductor sectors. The ability to switch faster and sustain high frequency is one of the major reasons behind the adoption of Gallium Nitride in these types of devices.

Other contribution may be seen from Consumer electronics sector, Industrial and the Power sector and IT&C Sector.



The major players in Automotive Gallium Nitride market are NXP Semiconductors, GaN Systems, Toshiba, Cree Inc , Fujitsu Ltd., Texas Instruments, and others.

The key strategy is to offer a partnership hand including collaborations, merging to acquire the essential capabilities to develop GaN systems. On the positive side, the technology is going to see a huge spike in the development of devices based out of Gallium Nitride material.

In November 2013, Transphorm and Fujitsu Ltd. came to an agreement for the integration of power electronics devices made out of Gallium Nitride. Similarly, during 2014, Infineon Technologies went ahead with the acquirement of the International Rectifier to extend its progress in GaN-based Electronics devices development.

Coming towards automotive, the GaN material will be spreading to a huge area by 2040. Lighter batteries, more efficiency, and less weight are the key features of GaN provided to automotive development. In this sector EPC, Macom, Dialog semiconductor, Texas Instrument, Panasonic Samsung, and many others are involved in extensive research and evolution of product used for vehicles.

The one and the only reason that can be faced by GaN is high cost as compared to silicon that is available at a much lower cost but on the positive side, the evolvement of 5G features implementation and efficiency demand in Electric vehicles paves a well-made way for GaN.


  1. NXP Semiconductors
  2. GaN Systems
  3. Toshiba
  4. Cree Inc 
  5. Fujitsu Ltd
  6. Texas Instruments
  7. Visic Technologies


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