Global Automotive Starter Motor Market 2021-2026

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    A starter, also known as a starting motor, is an electrical device used to rotate (crank) internal combustion engines in order to start the engine by its own power. When the engine starts up, it disconnects from the engine, which now relies on the combustion process. The component is placed on the engine’s gearbox housing, and the starting motor gear meshes with the teeth of the flywheel. A starter is an electrical component that is made up of a strong DC (Direct Current) electric motor and a solenoid. The solenoid gets direct positive power from the battery as well as hearth current from the engine body.


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    A 12-volt battery must be used to power the starter in order to turn the engine.  The system that causes the propulsion of a vehicle in which that driving force or tractive force is obtained from various devices such as electric motors, steam engine drives, diesel engine dives, etc. is known as traction system. Traction system may be broadly classified into two types. They are electric traction systems, which use electrical energy, and non-electric traction system, which does not use electrical energy for the propulsion of vehicle.


    The starter requires a large amount of electricity, which it obtains from the battery via lengthy cables. It cannot be turned on with a standard hand-operated switch since the enormous current requires a big switch. The starter disengages and the electromagnet ceases when the engine spins over. The rod retracts once again into the starter, removing the pinion gear from contact with the flywheel and preventing damage. If the pinion gear remained in contact with the flywheel, the engine might spin the starter excessively rapidly, damaging it.



    S No Overview of Development Development Detailing Region of Development Possible Future Outcomes
    1 Knorr-Bremse TruckServices to sell starter motors and generators from market leader SEG Automotive Knorr-Bremse TruckServices and SEG Automotive, the world’s leading supplier of starter motors and generators for commercial vehicles, are entering into a partnership that will offer extensive benefits for their customers in the commercial vehicle sector Global This would enhance better EV Technologies and production
    2 SEG Automotive introduces stop/start motor for compact cars Auto component maker SEG Automotive Wednesday unveiled a stop/start motor for both petrol and diesel compact cars, offering fuel savings of up to 8 per cent for owners of such vehicles. The Bengaluru-based firm, a leading supplier of various auto components like starter motors, had first introduced the start/stop technology in 2008 for bigger cars. India This would help in better presence and social responsibility on increased levels of requirements



    Clean transportation has a critical role in the fight against climate change, because fossil-fuel-powered motor vehicles, trains, and planes account for approximately one-quarter of the world’s energy consumption – and about the same proportion of global carbon-dioxide emissions. These emissions are harmful for both environment and for human health.


    The rise in demand for passenger and commercial cars, the development of sophisticated technologies, rigorous government pollution laws, and other factors are driving the expansion of the automotive starting motor market. The increased demand for passenger and commercial cars, particularly in emerging markets, will boost the use of starting motors in vehicles. Due to severe government pollution regulations, electric starting motors are in great demand. Automotive manufacturers have made several advancements in starting motor technology. In automobiles, the advance starter motor provides a variety of automated start and stop options.

    Infographic: Global Automotive Starter Motor Market,   Global Automotive Starter Motor Market Size,   Global Automotive Starter Motor Market Trends,    Global Automotive Starter Motor Market Forecast,    Global Automotive Starter Motor Market Risks,   Global Automotive Starter Motor Market Report,   Global Automotive Starter Motor Market Share

    Increased efforts by vehicle manufacturers to develop advanced technologies such as integrated starter generators in order to comply with the rules and regulations concerning improvements in fuel efficiency by reducing fuel emissions are likely to stymie the automotive starter motor market during the forecast period. The inbuilt starter generator enables the vehicle to start and stop on its own. The technology shuts off the combustion engine at zero load, that is, when the car is idling at a traffic light, and resumes when the gas pedal is touched in less than one tenth of a millisecond.




    The Global Automotive Starter Motor Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.


    By Motor Type

    • Electric Based Motor
    • Pneumatic Based Motor
    • Hydraulic Based Motor
    • Others


    By Vehicle Usage Classification Type

    • Passenger / Residential Usage
    • Commercial Usage
    • Heavy Industrial Usage
    • Military Usage


    By Technological Usage Type

    • Sports Technology
    • Enduro Type
    • Chopper Type
    • Classic Type
    • Commuter Type


    By Regional Classification

    • Asia Pacific Region – APAC
    • Middle East and Gulf Region
    • Africa Region
    • North America Region
    • Europe Region
    • Latin America and Caribbean Region
    • Sweden



    The most recent technological advancements in the automobile industry have resulted in permanent magnet starting motors or a set of parallel wound direct current electric motors. Bosch had created a new 24-volt starting motor portfolio for heavy-duty vehicles, the HEF109-L. This will improve the capabilities of the starting motor and result in higher market demand in the future. The construction of a starting motor includes a variety of components such as an armature, a starter drive gear, a shift fork, a return spring, a solenoid, a brush, and others.


    The increasing trend has been through the development of the Gear Reduction Technology based Starter motors. This GRS design Starter motors are lesser in weight, and compact in dimensions, compared to Direct-Drive design. This technology delivers high specific torque and starting speed, and efficient faster start ability of engine. These GRS technology Starters are fast replacing Direct-Drive technology Starter motors in various segments.


    There has been also a possible enhanced versions and platforms developed to increase the safety of operations for the specific component / products. The Integrated Over Crank Protection (IOCP) to ensure that the starter motor is protected from system problems. Alongside this, Electrical soft start which offers a consistent yet accurate engagement of the pinion with the ring gear, hence providing increased reliability. The other patented based safety systems of Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid (IMSS) patented units that extend the starter motor’s life by reducing issues such as corrosion and vibration.



    Its purpose is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Vehicle Starter Motor Market is extremely significant for cars since it makes starting the vehicle very easy with the press of a button. Vehicle Starter Motor Market advancements in new areas of diverse vehicle production, such as electric and hybrid electric cars, utilise them extensively because they provide high efficiency and are simple to operate.


    SEG Automotive has been developing on a continuous tech requirements towards the automotive starter motor being part of the most essential motors of operations . Under the  passenger car sector, it operates upon two technology platforms for different requirements: the C6 series, The smallest passenger car starter motors with up to 1.2 KW, and the powerful C7 series, which can be scaled up to 2.0 KW. These platforms are the basis of the fuel-saving SC6 and SC7 start/stop starter motors, which are designed specifically for the high number of cycles required in start/stop and coasting applications. It has been engineered in such a manner to have most of the features protected and implemented under the new digital age that includes the load damping, noise reduction and voltage quality.


    Denso Corporation is pioneering in the starter motor market considering their high quality and standards of operability. The starter motors made by Denso are well known for their power and this has seen them adapted for use in racing vehicles. The racing competency is made to have a better levels of compliance made towards sustainable operations with high voltage armatures and field coils tested so as to have minimal error on the track. The starter motors from this company have a sturdy structure that is strong enough to withstand heavy conditions with resilience against vibration and friction that enables it to have a longer life.



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