US,the world`s second biggest passenger car market has always been among the most matured and tech savvy auto market. US was the first market to receive electric car globally in 2010, due to a sizable chunk of early adopter population.


In US,the car density per 1000 inhabitants has been >750 for more than a decade and that has resulted in heavy traffic congestion in all major cities, forcing longer commuting hours on motorists.By June 2019, the average number of hours spent per day by a US motorist reached 46 minutes, thus necessitating entertainment and real time weather and traffic information on-board.


Smartphone penetration, grew at double digits during 2009-2019 and reached 74% by 2018 -end and thus more than 85% of cars sold in June 2019 had touchscreen infotainment systems either as standard fitment or at least as an option.



The new car market in US is heavily skewed towards high priced SUVs and pickups.About 71%(~12 Million) of new cars sold in US in 2018 belonged to SUV and pickup segment.Since, the average transaction prices of SUVs and pickups is in the range of $42,000-$45,000 as compared to $26,000-$33,000 for sedans, we expect the growth of SUVs will be major drive for touchscreen infotainment system market in US.


The growing integration of AI(personal assistant) and augmented reality(sourced from front camera) in premium cars is the biggest technology trend in auto touchscreen infotainment system market in US.


Technology sharing, platform sharing and economies of scale have been long proven formula for the auto industry to keep costs in check and the touchscreen infotainment system market in US is no exception to that.At present it is limited between the likes of Toyota-Mazda, Toyota- BMW, but going forward as more autonomous features are integrated in the infotainment system, we believe tech sharing will also go up to limit the costs.


Among the risks associated with the touchscreen infotainment system market in US is the long list of customer complaints associated with Ford,Cadillac,Chrysler and Honda infotainment systems. There have been numerous complaints linked with malfunction, hacking,frozen screen affecting the overall reliability of the vehicle and consumer reports rating.




Market Segmentation-Touch screen infotainment system market in US by screen size, system type and vehicle segment



We believe 8-11-inch screens will dominate the touch screen infotainment market in US as well globally. The 17-inch screen offered by Tesla is an exception is rated among the easiest to use but is also prone to malfunction as reported by various users.


Features offered by OEMs in touchscreen infotainment system in US
Sl noOEMMost common Screen Size (inches)Android auto/apple car playVoice recognitionIn-built NavigationWi-fi hotspot
1Tesla15-17Not availableSSS
3BMW12.3Android auto
(No), Apple car play (Standard)
7,8SStandard on select modelsStandard on select modelsStandard on select models
5Toyota6.1-9Standard on many modelsStandardOptional on many models/
Standard on select models
6Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep6.5,7,8.4Standard on many modelsStandardOptional on many models/

on many models/

7Honda7,8Standard on many modelsStandard on select models and variantsStandard on select models and variantsNot available
8Ford6.5,7,8Standard on many modelsStandard on many modelsStandard on many modelsStandard on many models and variants
9Hyundai7,8SStandard on select models and variantsOptionalNot available

    S- Standard on all models and variants                                                                    Source: Company websites and Dealer interviews


As it can be seen from the above table, Android auto, apple car play are now standard across most of the OEMs  but voice recognition. in-built navigation and Wi-fi hot spot are still a standard feature only on the premium brands.


Among the mass segment brands like Toyota and Chevrolet, the infotainment system is categorized in multiple trims where the basic variant offers blue-tooth, smartphone connectivity, app suite with 6 basic speakers. In the highest variant premium sound system with 9+ speakers is offered with 8-9 inch touchscreen, in-built Wifi and navigation as standard.  


Apart from Hyundai and Honda, most of the OEMs are offering on-board Wi-fi either as an standard or at-least as an optional fitment.


The automotive touchscreen infotainment system market in US is estimated at XX Million units and $XX Billion growing at –% CAGR


  1. Visteon Corporation
  2. Continental AG
  3. Denso Corporation
  4. Bosch Group
  5. Aptiv Plc
  6. Panasonic Corporation
  7. Innolux Corporation


  1. What`s happening in the connected car market in US? The top 5 regions which account for highest in vehicle data consumption?
  2. Upcoming infotainment system platforms of Detroit Big 3
  3. Which are the most used infotainment features by the US motorists?
  4. Impact of growth in Electric vehicle market on touchscreen infotainment system market in US?
  5. Growth of vertical touchscreen segment in US? Which upcoming platforms will be equipped with vertical display?
  6. How infotainment system affects car selection criteria in North America?
  7. Who is and will be the leader in US connected car market in 2019-2025?
  8. Which screen size will account for highest volume in 2019-2025?
  9. Growth of touchscreen infotainment systems  equipped with augmented reality and personal assistant?
  10. Role of software/technology companies in touchscreen infotainment system market in US?
  11. What are the latest developments in the touchscreen display market? And how will the future touchscreen look like?
  12. Which is the least distracting and most responsive user interface in US?
  13. Market share of leading suppliers and the future growth strategies
  14. OEM-supplier alignment in automotive touchscreen infotainment market in US
  15. Complete details on value chain and supply chain of touchscreen infotainment market in US
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1Market Segmentation3
2Executive Summary5-6
4Insights from Industry stakeholders11
5Key criteria for touchscreen system vendor selection by OEMs12-13
6Touchscreen system manufacturing in US, Europe and China14-15
7Breakdown of new EV concept vehicles by infotainment system16-17
8Upcoming new gen touch screen infotainment system by mass and premium manufacturers18-19
9Ongoing important developments in V-2-X and cybersecurity20-21
10Top 10 OEM developed connected car platforms and their features22-23
11Linkage of ADAS, safety, Connectivity and information with future gen touch screen infotainment system29-38
12Market Size, Dynamics and Forecast By Vehicle segment29-38
13Market Size, Dynamics and Forecast By Screen size39-48
14Market Size, Dynamics and Forecast By System type49-65
15Competitive Landscape79-82
16OEM-supplier relationship in touchscreen infotainment system market27-28
17Company Profiles80-95
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