Brazil Medical Devices Market 2022-2027

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    Brazil has Latin America’s biggest economy and the biggest market for medical devices. Only a minor portion of the Brazilian market is made up of imports. Domestic producers prioritize satisfying domestic demand, and as a result, exports are likewise infrequent.


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    The majority of imported equipment is often produced in the US or Europe, which accounts for sixty per cent of all imports. 


    Brazil may be a challenging market for international producers, although some can find success there. The majority of imported devices are high-tech and specialized, and Brazilian producers seldom, if ever, compete with them.


    Great-tech cosmetic equipment and, more lately, home health care goods are continually in high demand on the Brazilian market. The US, Europe, and Canada are all regarded favourably by the local healthcare sector as device makers, but Brazil-made goods will always be preferred, mostly because of price.



     The Brazil Medical Devices Market accounted for $XX Billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach $XX Billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of XX% from 2022 to 2027.



    Hybrid Product gets debuted by Fanem at Hospitalar. The Duett 2386 provides care for children by enhancing physicians’ capacity to guard against infections in infants. In order to reduce the possibility of contamination through slots when in incubation mode, a heating system is placed outside of the apparatus next to the hood.


    The hybrid incubator has a heating unit as well as an adjustable bed that can be set at sitting level to enhance mother-baby bonding.


    The touchscreen control panel of the device has a Windows-based software system integrated into it that recommends the appropriate air temperature, skin temperature, and oxygen levels for the baby in order to provide the best environment.


    The incubator/warmer also has tiny, movable light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that assist treat newborn jaundice, a disease common in pre-term babies, in addition to its Windows-based software. In addition, the Duetto 2386 has reduced noise levels, bidirectional airflow, and safety audiovisual alerts (lower than 50 decibles).



    Cervision, an upper-extremity patient positioning tool for cervical spine surgery, was introduced in Brazil by Spinologics Inc. and Importek. Since the product’s domestic premiere, this launch represents the first expansion of its overseas sales.


    Clients in Canada have been well served by the product, and the company is prepared to serve new customers internationally. For the Brazilian market, Importek has been chosen as the distributor. Their primary area of business is spine surgery. The cervical spine implants that Importek currently carries, in particular, are complemented by Cervision.


    The DermSecure telemedicine platform from MedX Health Corp. has been agreed to by CBD Vida LTDA, who intends to use it to roll out an easy-access skin scanning and assessment programme across Brazil. Early diagnosis of melanomas is made possible by the DermSecure telemedicine platform and cutting-edge SIAscopy imaging technology from MedX.



    • VIPI Produtos Odont
    • Dental Pasane
    • Biomecanica
    • DSP Biomedical
    • Novum Salutaris Hospita
    • Cbemed
    • MM Optics
    • Ibramed
    • Engimplan
    • Scitech
    • Bionnovation
    • Cremer
    • Fanem
    • Dabi Atlante
    • Gnatus



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