Global Electric Wheelchair Market 2021-2026

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    Mobility is an important aspect of daily life, allowing people to participate in their homes, workplaces, and communities. Mobility difficulties are one of the most often reported functional difficulties, an issue that is frequently handled by the use of specific devices or equipment. Walking aids and wheelchair selection and use are also typical requirements for either short- or long-term disability adaption.


    An electric wheelchair, also known as a power wheelchair, a motorized wheelchair, or an electric-powered wheelchair, is a wheelchair that is driven by an electrically powered source, most often motors and batteries.


    An electric wheelchair is powered by one or more rechargeable batteries. These batteries power the motor, which allows the wheelchair’s wheels, joystick, or ball to move. Furthermore, technical advancements have resulted in the creation of automatic mobility devices, which decrease the need for caregivers to intervene manually.


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    The wheelchair seat can be readily adjusted by the patient, and the equipment is controlled by a remote control or automated controls fitted in the wheelchair. Innovation and technology have altered the globe and made it a better place to live.


    Technology not only improves people’s lives, but also makes them easier. An electric wheelchair is one example of a simple product that has been enhanced by technology.


    Electric wheelchairs are in high demand because they allow a person to move without the assistance of another person. No handicapped person or anyone with a leg condition should have to rely on others to move them or do their work for them.



    S No Overview of Development Development Detailing Region of Development Possible Future Outcomes
    1 IIT Madras creates motorized wheelchair vehicle IIT Madras’ TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development (R2D2) team in collaboration with Neomotion, a startup incubated and run by IIT-M alumni, have created an indigenously designed motorized wheelchair vehicle, christened NeoBolt and Neofly. India This would enhance better Controls




    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 January 2022 Braze Mobility Braze Mobility is a Canadian startup that provides an affordable navigation solution for wheelchairs. The startup’s solution, Braze Sentina, is a flexible wheelchair attachment that enables 180 degrees of robust horizontal coverage and 50 degrees of vertical coverage.
    2 January 2022 Scewo Swiss startup Scewo develops stair-climbing wheelchairs.The chair is controllable via a joystick or by shifting the body weight. The wheels allow users to overcome obstacles like curbs, tram tracks, grass, mud, or stones to provide the wheelchair with agility
    4 January 2022 Kalogon Florida-based mobility startup Kalogon announced what it calls the “world’s first smart wheelchair cushion.Kalogon describes the cushion as being designed to “assist in the healing and prevention of pressure ulcers or bedsores



    SI No Timeline Developments
    1 Q4-2021 Tampa International Airport in the US started new initiative for physical and hidden disabled passengers by providing powerchair with reduced mobility under Mobility as a service (MaaS). The airport using Whill’s modern powerchair for easy transportation across the airport.
    2 Q3-2021 Bird partnered with Scootaround and expanded its business to newer cities of New York, San Diego to provide mobility scooters for rentals and electric wheelchairs for eco-friendly transportation.
    3 Q2-2021 Italdesign and Etisalat are partnered to develop an electric wheelchair WheelM-I (Wheelchair Mobility Integration) is a fully electric semi autonomous shared micro-mobility service for wheelchair users.
    4 Q1-2021 Designer and manufacturer of mobility products power wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs and pediatric wheelchairs, Sunrise Medical starts a new facility for the production of Magic Mobility products at Nashville, United States.


    Electric wheelchairs are a technical solution to improving user comfort. The chair is powered by a rechargeable battery, and all of the chair’s operations rely on the battery’s power. Market product manufacturers are increasingly including a navigation ball to make using the electric chair easier.


    Engineers are also working on adding artificial intelligence to the wheelchair to boost automation. IoT may also be used to link the item to a smart device. Technology has improved market output and sales.


    The growing elderly population, as well as the increasing use of wheelchairs in sectors such as athletics, are expected to fuel industry expansion in the worldwide Wheelchair market. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global population over 60 years old will nearly double from 12% to 22% by 2050.


    This increase in the geriatric population will eventually lead to an increase in the demand for wheelchairs. However, the cost of electric-powered wheelchairs is higher than that of manual wheelchairs.

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    The growing demand for electric wheelchairs in the sports industry may boost the market. A specific racing event for the handicapped population is held by BMX motocross.


    It is a popular sport in which many members of the handicapped population participate. Using electric wheelchairs, the players execute a variety of feats and high-level acrobatics. The growing participation of the handicapped community may be a significant driver of the electric wheelchair market’s growth.


    A variety of technical advancements, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth additions to electric wheelchairs, are also projected to boost the market’s growth. Suspension upgrades may help increase the electric wheel’s sales.


    Toyota Motor Corp. said that it will collaborate with Dean Kamen, the creator of the Segway human transporter, to create cutting-edge wheelchairs for the world’s aged and crippled populations.


    The recently announced deal grants the largest automaker in the world permission to use the balancing technology that Kamen has put in earlier wheelchair generations for therapeutic medical rehabilitation and other uses.


    A new version of Kamen’s iBOT wheelchair, which employed two sets of powered wheels to walk up and down stairs and allow disabled individuals stand face-to-face with partners, will also be made possible by the arrangement.


    The partnership was announced during a Paralyzed Veterans of America convention in Jacksonville, Florida by Toyota and Kamen’s Deka Research & Development, situated in Manchester, New Hampshire.


    Toyota said that it would invest $1 billion over a five-year period in robotics and artificial intelligence research. 


    Researchers at the new Toyota Research Institute will also work to advance non-automotive objectives such as mobility for the elderly.


    A two-wheeled, battery-operated electric vehicle with a single standing passenger that can go forward or backward by changing weight in the desired direction was introduced by Kamen under the name Segway PT. 


    Segways are a well-liked tourist attraction in congested downtowns and theme parks, and some metropolitan police units utilise them.



    The Global Electric Wheelchair Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.


    By Wheelchair Application

    • Homecare
    • Hospitals
    • Ambulator Surgical Centres
    • Rehabilitation Centres
    • Airports
    • Railway Stations
    • Public Access Places
    • Sports Conditioning


    By Usage Category Type

    • Paediatric
    • Adults


    By System Type

    • Front Wheel Drive
    • Centre Wheel Drive
    • Rear Wheel Drive
    • Standing Electric Wheelchair


    By Regional Classification

    • Asia Pacific Region – APAC
    • Middle East and Gulf Region
    • Africa Region
    • North America Region
    • Europe Region
    • Latin America and Caribbean Region




    Sunrise Medical, a leader in cutting-edge assisted mobility solutions, is happy to announce the strategic purchase of Leckey and Firefly, two of the world’s top paediatric brands.


    In addition to significantly expanding Sunrise Medical’s paediatric product and service offering within therapeutic care, the acquisition of James Leckey Design and its subsidiaries Firefly Friends and Vida Global also provides a strong complementary fit with Sunrise Medical’s current paediatric mobility portfolio.


    Leckey aspires to create and produce clinically and technically superior solutions, products, and services by conducting rigorous clinical and usability trials with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, users, and their families.


    These are made specifically to increase children’s mobility and participation in standing, walking, sitting, and other important everyday activities. Given that the business is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives, the paediatrics industry is crucial from a strategic perspective.


    Families with children are among the services’ primary targets. Leckey and Firefly joining the Sunrise family makes the company very happy. For many years and in numerous nations, Sunrise has been Leckey’s top distribution partner.


    They have a strong relationship that is based on trust and good cultural alignment as a result of this. The company is certain that Sunrise Medical is a great strategic fit for their seasoned management team, highly skilled staff, clinical competence, strong product offering, well-invested R&D, and production.




    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 Q3-2021 Permobil Electric Wheelchair supplier Permobil connects its wheelchair mobile app MyPermobil to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to access users with voice commands. Permobil also published its new white paper for the advantages of standing power wheelchairs.
    2 Q3-2021 Quantum Rehab Power wheelchairs producer Quantum Rehab released 4Front 2 power wheelchair features with Smart Traction Control (STC) system, four pole motors and other new upgrades.
    3 Q3-2021 Invacare Corporation Invacare Corporation is the American manufacturer and distributor of mobility products for wheelchairs, walkers are introducing a new mobility product AVIVA STORM RX unique power wheelchair comes with rear wheel drive power mobility.
    4 Q2-2021 LITH-TECH Folding electric wheelchair specialist LITH-TECH Mobility introduced new electric product Smart Chair XL wheelchair powered by lithium ion batteries lasting upto 16 miles and also it can take 160kg of weight.


    Electric wheelchairs include a wheel drive right beneath the user’s center of gravity and a tiny turning circle, allowing for easier mobility in confined spaces. It also has six wheels, which aid in stability on uneven surfaces such as hills and rough terrains.


    A center wheel drive electric wheelchair makes it considerably easier to manoeuvre in tight entrances and compact places. A comprehensive map stored on a cloud-computing platform can be accessed by the wheelchair, allowing it to securely explore its environment.


    The new technologies are intended to save wheelchair users from colliding with things (such as walls, people, dogs, and furniture) while they go about their everyday lives.


    It accomplishes this by seamlessly assisting the driver’s navigation of the chair in conjunction with user steering inputs based on obstacle detection in the driver’s surroundings. Users can avoid tipping by detecting stairs or dangerous drop-offs and gently assisting the chair to continue on a safer course.


    The new light weighting requirement being implemented within the wheelchairs. The incorporation of extremely efficient lithium-ion batteries outperforms the traditional lead batteries in terms of performance and weight.


    The strong brushless and gearless direct drive motors are installed directly on each wheel, making them both quieter and more efficient than standard wheelchair motors.


    The new electric wheelchairs are designed with small dimensions, rear wheel drive, and the same performance as a manual wheelchair to achieve exceptional performance. The turning radius is short, the accuracy is great, and the ability to navigate within shops, restaurants, or cafes is available.



    Introducing the Ultra-Lite 2, a revolutionary lightweight electric wheelchair from Falcon Mobility. The company hopes that by launching this product, it would make it easier for caregivers to move their wards’ personal mobility aids to and from a vehicle for the elderly and disabled communities.


    The Ultra-Lite 2 is one of the lightest and most portable wheelchair alternatives in Singapore, weighing only 16 kilograms (minus the weight of the battery and footrest).


    Pride Mobility Products’ new Go Chair MED Power Chair is now accessible. Insurance companies recognise the Go Chair MED under the HCPCS number K0821 Group 2 Portable. In order to meet the K0821 specification, the Go Chair MED also incorporates anti-tip tyres on the front that allow the chair to ascend to a height of 40 millimeters.


    A motorized chair with a tonne of features, the Go Chair MED is small in size and has a small turning circle. The chair may be quickly and easily dismantled using the feather-touch disassembly feature, making it even more portable.


    Additionally, the Go Chair MED has two alternative sitting configurations, enabling customers to select the ideal seat size.



    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 January 2022 Scewo Scewo, a Swiss firm, is developing a motorised wheelchair to assist persons with mobility impairments with stair climbing. Scewo, a firm established in Switzerland, has raised a total of CHF 11.5 million in a Series A fundraising round to help it grow and expand.
    2 January 2021 Sunrise Medical Sunrise Medical has acquired Magic Mobility, an Australian manufacturer best known for its all-terrain power wheelchairs.
    4 July 2021 Permobil Permobil has acquired Progeo, an Italian wheelchair manufacturer. Permobil will be able to provide comprehensive solutions to people with impairments all around Europe as a result of the acquisition.



    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 Q4-2021 Permobil Global leader in health care solutions Permobil expanded its market share in Italy by acquiring wheelchair manufacturer Progeo.
    2 Q4-2021 Permobil and Karma Medical Products Permobil and Karma Medical Products signed a memorandum of understanding under strategic partnership for the distribution of complementary products from each other’s portfolio, and it will start from Asia Pacific markets.
    3 Q2-2021 Whill Whill, designs and creates personal mobility products raised $45 million Series C funding 2019 to help people with disabilities and also to maximize its market share in the global level. Whill launched WHILL Rental program for short distance mobility service for elderly people who had problem walking who do not use long-term care insurance.Q2
    4 Q1-2021 Invacare Corporation Invacare Corporation sales increased 5.8% in third quarter of net sales reaching upto $224 million and 7.1% increase in mobility and seating products in North America.
    5 Q1-2021 Numotion Numotion is the mobility solutions provider for the medical supplies has acquired Wheeler’s Medical Supply business to expand its existing medical supplies in high-quality, innovative solutions in mobility for its customers.


    Since its debut in 1953 by Canadian George Klein, electric wheelchairs have gone a long way. These were utilized to assist injured combat soldiers back then. Power wheelchair design has been favourably altered as a result of humanity’s incredible advances in science and technology.


    Furthermore, it is now simpler than ever for persons with physical disabilities to move around freely and safely. Electric wheelchairs offer the greatest level of comfort, flexibility, and assistance to its users. Contextually, it gives greater independence due to its simplicity of use and travel capability. Furthermore, increasing independence leads to higher confidence.


    Ottobock Healthcare is the pioneering organization part of the electric and powered wheelchair development in the global industries. The rear-wheel-drive Juvo B4 provides increased safety and pleasant damping qualities for outdoor use. It’s also small and manoeuvrable indoors.


    The wheelchair’s permanent drive wheel suspension adjusts for uneven surfaces, and its tiny outer dimension makes it simpler to drive through tight entrances and manoeuvre in limited places.


    When driving rearward, integrated anti-tipper rollers increase safety and prevent against damage. The fundamental control device is the tried-and-true VR2, which may be configured to meet your specific requirements. A keyboard, two LED screens, and a joystick comprise the control panel. On the underside, there is a charging receptacle.


    Permobil AB is part of the latest powered developing technologies considering the strength and agility of the electric wheelchairs in the market.


    The F5 Corpus electric wheelchair has a peak speed of 7.5mph and improved Comfort Ride Pro suspension. All-wheel independent, fully adjustable, oil-damped shocks give the best in ride comfort while also assisting in the reduction of vibrations that can pass from terrain to user.


    Standard performance features aggressive tread tyres, caster mud guard protection, and three premium metallic finishes. It has been integrated with the Corpus®, the world’s most advanced ergonomic seating system, has just become better.


    Corpus Ergo Seat cushion with revised pelvic well and new Corpus Ergo backrest cushions with dual density foam have improved biomechanically optimal power placement. The new Stretch-Air cover option is a machine-washable, breathable fabric with little moisture vapour transfer.




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    23 Competition from substitute products
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