As of August 2019, there are more than 260 Million passenger cars , 4 Million trucks and 30 Million vans on European roads. Every year, about 15 Million new cars and 200,000-220,000 new trucks are added, one thing that is vital to all of them is the lead-acid battery powering starting, lighting and ignition.


The European cars are known worldwide for their sophisticated engineering and higher than global average electronics content. This mandates the presence of a high capacity battery, which can range from 40Ah in standard A segment cars to 100Ah in Premium C& D segment cars.


Given >90% penetration of start-stop system in European cars as of Aug 2019, there is a growing demand for AGM(Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries.


The European automotive lead-acid battery replacement demand exceeds the OE demand by a ratio of 3:1.


This report provides details on

  1. Changes in the OE spec lead acid battery chemistry, weight and electrolyte
  2. Impact of e-mobility on automotive lead-acid battery replacement. Potential use in traction application
  3. Average B-2-B price in OE market, wholesale and retail price in replacement market
  4. How will the lead acid battery market grow/decline in key countries in Europe?
  5. Impact of zero lead legislation by European union on the lead acid battery industry
  6. Top 10 vehicles generating 35% of European lead acid battery replacement demand
  7. The pain points of fleet operators in battery replacement
  8. Impact of Brexit on European lead-acid battery market
  9. Who are the market leaders and their market share?
  10. Dynamics in off-highway vehicle Lead acid-battery market



  1. By OE and replacement demand
  2. By Replacement/aftermarket retail channel (Online, Auto dealerships, Multi-brand auto outlet, authorized battery dealerships
  3. By Vehicle type (Passenger cars, vans, powered two wheelers, Trucks and buses)
  4. By Battery capacity (<10Ah,10-35Ah,35-50Ah, 51-70Ah, 71-100Ah,>100Ah)
  5. By Country (UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and East Europe)




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