Global Flexible Plastic Packaging Market 2022-2027

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    Packaging is the largest end-user group of plastic goods, accounting for over 40 % of the world’s overall consumption of plastic.


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    It is estimated that more than 2 million single-use plastic bags and more than 1 million plastic bottles are delivered worldwide every minute, with bottles and bags being the world’s most produced and used plastic packaging material. It is estimated that this figure will exceed half a trillion by 2020.



    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 December 2021 Glatfelter Corporation  Glatfelter Corporation has partnered with Alpla in order to develop sustainable packaging solutions in Sweden.
    2 November 2021 Alpla Alpla has established a new headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region in Singapore from January 1 2022.
    3 November 2021 Alpla The Alpla group has opened a new plant for the purpose of HDPE plastic recycling with a material production capacity of 30,000 tonnes in Mexico.
    4 October 2021 Alpla Alpla has selected the Kansas City region for the new 23,000 square-meter manufacturing plant in order to produce injection-moulded products such as closures.


    The industry is pushed by the spiraling demand for flexible plastic packaging items, such as stand-up pouches and flat pouches. Food and beverage product makers use stand-up pouches to distinguish their products and achieve a favorable market edge. The versatility of being customised to deliver exclusive designs, shapes , and sizes is available for stand up pouches.


    Eco-Products has introduced a new compostable wrap that can be used to swaddle sandwiches, snacks, and other items. The new wrap is constructed of wax paper, meets ASTM D6868 standards, and has been certified compostable in commercial facilities by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). It can be used as a basket lining, food wrap, scale, or pick-up sheet.


    These wraps are both attractive and useful, making them great for foodservice providers who offer carryout and delivery. They’re also environmentally friendly, making cleanup a breeze because the wrap, as well as any leftover food, can be placed into the compost bin.


    Plastic Flamingo (PLAF) has received a new investment from Charter Next Generation to help the group meet its goal of collecting and recycling 100 tonnes of ocean-bound plastic waste per year in the Philippines over the next three years, resulting in the removal of more than 300 tonnes of debris.


    Flexible plastics and single-use multi-layered plastic packaging, which are the most hardest to recycle and have little to no value, make up the majority of this plastic trash. Following China and Indonesia, the Philippines is the world’s third-largest producer of plastic waste.


    PLAF will collect sachets and other plastic garbage from numerous collection stations around Metro Manila during the duration of the three-year project, with a concentration on residential communities. PLAF will recycle the waste it collects into eco-boards, which can later be used in the construction of homes and offices, as well as furniture production.


    Seven new factory jobs will be created as a result of CNG’s sponsorship, as well as the construction of a new recycled material sorting area, which will include a sorting shed and various sorting lines, and will serve as an upgrade to PLAF’s current working conditions for local factory employees over the course of the three-year project.


    SAKATA INX’s wholly owned subsidiary, INX International Ink Co., is launching a  programme to make minority investments in technology and materials science businesses with strategic significance to the printing inks and coatings value chain.


    According to the corporation, venture financing will be focused on areas such as sustainability and circular economy solutions, digital printing, business and manufacturing automation, and brand owner services.





    In order to regulate the sector, governmental bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) have introduced different legislation. This regulatory body promulgated Effluent Guidelines and Specifications of Organic Chemicals, Plastics, and Synthetic Fibers (OCPSF), which concern the discharge of plastic items.


    The limits on the use of the commodity force market participants to comply with the regulatory guidelines defined by different bodies.



    Due to factors such as weight reduction compared to glass and enabling a more economical transportation operation, the polyethylene terephthalate ( PET) segment would expand lucratively during the forecast period based on the raw material.


    At present, heavy and delicate glass bottles are commonly replaced by plastic bottles made from PET because they provide recycled packaging for mineral water and other drinks. With this growing trend expected to persist, demand for PET in bottled water packaging is expected to be propelled.


    infographic: Flexible Plastic Packaging Market, Flexible Plastic Packaging Market size, Flexible Plastic Packaging Market trends and forecast, Flexible Plastic Packaging Market risks, Flexible Plastic Packaging Market report


    By geography, due to the existence of two densely populated countries, i.e. China and India, Asia-Pacific would have lucrative growth during the forecast era. The rise in disposable income in these countries would complement the development of sectors such as food and drink, pharmaceuticals, pet foods and cosmetics, which, in exchange, would allow the demand for plastic bottles and containers to flourish.


    With China’s rapidly expanding economy, consumer spending on personal and home-care goods, such as perfumes and cosmetics, has been rising. In addition, India is also expected to see an increase in plastic packaging used in the food and beverage industry, especially with the recent nationwide lockout, which is raising the need for longer-term storage of food.



    June 2020: Amcor has collaborated with Espoma Organic to introduce a new bio-based polymer kit with the goal of innovating more natural packaging. Polyethylene (PE) film contains 25% bio-based content which, in this case, is extracted from sugarcane.


    Sept 2020: Amcor has partnered with Nestle to introduce recyclable flexible retort pouches which, beginning with wet cat food, will increase the environmental footprint of consumer packaging by up to 60%. The new pouch follows the Circular Economy packaging standards recently issued by the CEFLEX Consortium.




    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 October 2021 Alpla Pharma Alpla Pharma has presented its latest developments in the field of packaging for the sector of pharmaceuticals with a set of simple child-resistant closure CRC justONE.
    2 September 2021 Alpla Together with Henkel, Alpla has developed dishwashing gel bottles which are 100% recyclable packaging for Somal gel products.
    3 August 2021 Alpla Jana natural mineral water which is made by Croatian producer Jamnica is now available in 0.5 litre bottles made with recycled PET (rPET).
    4 July 2021 Alpla Alpla is now developing and producing a new reusable PET bottle for Vöslauer.
    5 May 2021 Alpla Alpla has developed a cap for ketchup and mayonnaise which is made up of Polypropylene(PP) by making it recyclable.
    6 January 2021 Amcor For the dairy industry, Amcor is set to deliver single-serve plastic bottles and flexible packaging.
    7 2021 Berry Berry’s 20 litre Optimum large container made from 35% and up to 100% recycled HDPE material has been approved for the carriage of goods, assimilated with water.



    Because of the involvement of many players operating their industry on national and international borders, the plastic packaging market is dynamic. With the involvement of major players such as Alpla, AMCOR Limited, Bemis Company Inc., Berry Plastics Corporation, among others, the competition is moderately oriented.



    SI No Timeline Company Updates
    1 Q4-2021 Berry At the end of the fourth quarter the revenue of Berry was $3.7 billion with an increase of 22% from the previous year.
    2 Q1-2022 Amcor The net sales of Amcor at the end of September 2021 was $3.42 billion and in 2020 the net sales was $3.09 billion.
    3 October 2021 Alpla  Alpla group has acquired the BTB PET-Recycling based in Bad Salzuflen in order to use the recycled material for the production of new beverage bottles.
    4 September 2021 Alpla The Alpla group has completed the takeover of Plasti Sax S.L for the production of plastic bottles for cosmetics, home and personal care segments in Spain. 
    5 August 2021 Alpla Alpla has completed the acquisition of the packaging manufacturer Wolf Plastics in order to improve growth potential in Central and South-Eastern Europe.
    6 July 2021 Alpla Alpla has acquired the manufacturer Verigreen Packaging in Durban for the production of bottles and canisters for lubricants.   





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