Global Semiconductor Industry Quarterly Update -Q3 2022

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Published- October 2022
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  1. In Q3-2022, U.S and India announced subsidies up to $52.7 and $25 billion respectively, to encourage domestic production of semiconductors in their region.
  2. In manufacturing, the usage of alternative semiconductor materials such as GaN & SiC is clearly visible.
  3. The major trends that are driving the market in Q3 are, chip shortage, Competition, rise of ARM architecture, and Geo politics.
  4. There is major competition between Foundries such as TSMC, Intel and Samsung on purchasing the next-gen NA EUV Fabrication equipment, which is currently made only by ASML.
  5. With VR and Augmented reality witnessing massive growth, the micro LED displays used for this are seen advanced by Porotech, Micledi and IQE.
  6. Production of chips with specific tasks, such as A.I, Telematics, Automation, etc, is seen in industries such as Automotive, Defense, Medical and Space.
  7. In Q3- 2022, there have been major developments in the sensors and actuators category from brands such as Amsys, CPI, Siko, and Bourns.
  8. The Chip 4 alliance formed in 2021, comprising the US, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, seems to be working with firms from these regions such as investing heavily to set up plants in the U.S, excluding China.
  9. With the exclusion of China, the focus has turned toward India and Vietnam; specifically in Vietnam, Amkor, Synopsis, and Samsung are setting up new plants with existing players such as Renesas Electronics and Intel.
  10. Apart from foreign investments, U.S based companies like Intel and Micron have pledged to dedicate $100 billion each, with Texas instruments to invest $30 billion, to build fabs domestically.
  11. In India, Foxconn has made collaborations with Vedanta Resources for a $19.5 billion plant, apart from the previous announcements by ISMC and IGSS.
  12. With the European Chips Acts in the making, it aims to mobilize more than €43 billion of public and private investments, which would help it compete with the U.S in attaining a higher market share.


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  1. Global Semiconductor shipment by Region & Product type (Q3 2022)
  2. New product development in Switches (DIODES, MOSFET, IGBTs)
  3. New product development by Memory and Storage devices (Dram, SSDs, etc)
  4. New product development by Computing devices(Microcontrollers, Microprocessors)
  5. New product development by Sensing devices (Ultra-Sonic, LiDAR, etc)
  6. Trends in the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing industry
  7. New product development for Industry-specific applications (Automotive, Defense, Automation)
  8. Chip shortage impact on Semiconductor investments and Geopolitics
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