Global Truck Tech Startups-2018 Edition

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    1. 181 investors have invested $1.03 billion cumulatively in these 20 start-ups over past 5 years
    2. Chinese start-ups (Tu Simple, Loji Logistics and Yunmanman) raised about 50% of the total funding ($1.03 billion)
    3. Convoy, Transfix and Peloton are the most funded start-ups of US, having $80 million, $78.5 million, $78 million funding.
    4. About 60% of these 20 start-ups i.e. 12 startups are digitizing the freight brokering market, which is fragmented everywhere
    5. Einride(Sweden) has the most distinctive autonomous trucking technology where the electric autonomous truck can be remote controlled


    A statistical view of the global scenario shows an opportunistic landscape for the tech start-ups in the trucking industry, which needs a digital revolution to synchronize its supply chain and freight activities in order to minimize losses. The vast opportunity has led to VC and private equity funding in the sector pouring in. In 2017, the industry raised a funding of more than $500 million,  a 100% YOY increase. Digitization is fuelling the prospects of Electric trucks and self-drive trucks, something which is already being successfully operated in Sweden by the start-up Einride.

    Majority of the investment in this industry is done by large-scale e-commerce companies or retail chains (e.g. Amazon, Lidl, Flipkart etc.). The bulk of growth, however, is concentrated in China and US, where advanced technology, growing infrastructure, and demand has been the major driver in the rise of these startups.

    Companies(Start-ups) profiled in the report

    1 Yunmanman
    2 Loji logistics
    3 Blackbuck
    4 Tu Simple
    5 Convoy
    6 Transfix
    7 Peloton
    8 Truckerpath
    9 Cargo X
    10 Keep Truckin
    11 Cargomatic
    12 Convargo
    13 OnTruck
    14 Embark
    15 Fretlink
    16 ChronoTruck
    17 Preteckt
    18 Einride
    19 Doft
    20 CDL Warrior

    This report also includes

    1. Profiles of 20 truck tech start-ups including funding history, business model, list of investors, growth goals and recent developments
    2. Insights about investors active in the space
    3. The truck technology start-up scene in the US.Europe, India, and China
    4. A detailed outlook of class 8 truck market in North America
    5. Freight market in North America
    6. An independent assessment of logistics market in Europe and Asia
    7. Heavy truck market in key countries like China and India



    1. Scope of the report
    2. Research Methodology
    3. List of abbreviations
    4. Executive Summary

    4.1. Total funding raised by the 20 Startups

    4.2. Funds split by region

    1. Introduction 

    5.1. Investors active in the space

    5.2. Type of start-ups active in this space

    5.3. Need for technology in trucking industry

    1. Outlook of Trucking industry in US, China, India, and Europe

    6.1. CHINA

    6.1.1.         Trucking industry in China

    6.1.2.        The start-up scene in China

    6.2. INDIA

    6.2.1.        Trucking industry in India

    6.2.2.       The start-up scene in India

    6.3. US

    6.3.1.       Trucking Industry in US

    6.3.2.       Vocational truck segment outlook of North America

    6.3.3.       Line haul truck segment outlook of North America

    6.3.4.       Long-haul

    6.3.5.       Regional haul

    6.3.6.       The start-up scene in US

    6.4. EUROPE

    6.4.1.        Trucking industry in Europe

    6.4.2.       The start-up scene in Europe

    1. Company Profiles


    7.2. YUNMANMAN


    7.4. EMBARK

    7.5. DOFT

    7.6. TUSIMPLE

    7.7. CONVOY

    7.8. TRANSFIX


    7.10. TRUCKER PATH (Acquired by RENREN INC.)

    7.11. EINRIDE

    7.12. ONTRUCK

    7.13. PRETECKT

    7.14. CONVARGO


    7.16. FRETLINK

    7.17. BLACKBUCK


    7.19. CARGOX

    7.20. CDL WARRIOR

    1. Conclusion of Report
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