Global Power Tool Motor Market 2022-2027

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    Hand – held power tools that are efficient are the solution to saving time and increasing productivity. Reliability and consistent duty cycles are the most critical aspects in a wide range of instruments, from assembly tools to pruning shears, employed in settings as diverse as industrial facilities as well as farms.


    Machine tools, both tethered but also wireless, have excellent torque-to-weight ratios, minimal noise, and great efficiency, allowing electronic instruments to provide best-in-class results when compared to renewable technologies like as pneumatic or fuel-powered.


    Initially, the motor used in power tools was either a brushed universal AC/DC motors for cord instruments or even a brushed DC motor for detachable tools, as illustrated below. Since both controller architectures are brushing, movement is achieved by passing a current via carbon brushes into a copper transformer. This internal rotating magnetic field is thus generated.


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    By putting the electromagnetic circuit in the spinning with the stator winding and the ferromagnetic materials in the spindle, we have two magnetic properties that are constantly battling one another.


    The BLDC motor may provide the same rotational movement without the need for brushes or perhaps a conventional commutator. Alternatively, the rotating magnetic field is generated mechanically.


    We can generate motor motion by creating two magnetic properties that compete with each other using electrical electronics. Because friction is significant, and after a lengthy period of operation, the motors will finally destroy itself. This friction wastes energy in the form of heat. That is energy that escaped from the power source but did not produce any productive work.



    Power transmission tool innovations have altered the way people work by increasing convenience and speeding up the process. As a result of their wide functionality, these instruments are suited for usage in a variety of applications, including corporate, domestic, and corporate institutions. Electric power tools come in tethered and portable models with varying power levels.


    Traditionally, power transmission tools were meant for little operations, but better mechanics and battery packs have increased the usefulness and prevalence of usage for large-scale jobs.


    The incorporation of brushless dc motors in hand tools is a recent technology breakthrough. Despite brushless concept is indeed not unique, the use of BLDC Motors for both conventional and portable hand tools has greatly improved their capacities.


    As a result, the use of brushless DC motors (BLDC) in electricity generation tools has transformed the electric power tools business, pushing its expansion.


    Furthermore, the increased popularity of cordless electric power tools due to their applicability in numerous distant regions, ease of use, and adaptability are among some of the elements that fuel cordless tool adoption.


    This rising utilisation propels the worldwide electric power tools market. In contrast, one of the primary impediments to market expansion is the high starting cost of electrical energy tools.


    Pneumatic power tools having long been popular due to their great production capacity and reduced prices when compared to electric competitors. This is likely to have a negative impact have an impact on the growth of something like the electrical energy equipment market.


    Evolution Power Tools has been able to innovate its product lines because to a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Sheffield. The KTP has also assisted the University in validating academic theories against issues in the real world of business.


    Together through the KTP, the collaborative team developed a more compact motor configuration with a similar power output. By better knowing the worldwide motor supply chain. The KTP has also given both parties the groundwork to submit funding applications in order to facilitate future collaborations.


    Tool Link by DEWALT is the result of a collaboration between leaders in the embedded RFID technology space, the professional power tool industry, and the automotive industry. It is a component of the Ford Work Solutions, a collection of affordable technologies that will help Ford customers run their businesses more effectively.




    The Global Power Tool Motor Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.


    By Application

    • Industrial
    • Construction
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Residential


    By Technology of Application Type

    • DC Motors
    • AC Motors


    By Motor Type

    • Brushed Motor
    • Brushless Motor


    By Tool Type

    • Drills
    • Saws
    • Wrenches
    • Material Removers
    • Stationary Cutters


    By Regional Classification

    • Asia Pacific Region – APAC
    • Middle East and Gulf Region
    • Africa Region
    • North America Region
    • Europe Region
    • Latin America and Caribbean Region



    Piercing and anchoring equipment adoption is developing at a rapid pace, owing to the increased use of these tools in car assembly and wind turbine installation activities.


    Experts and do-it-yourselves employ electric drilling and mounting equipment, whereas most pneumatic drilling and fastening tools are used in industrial settings such as automotive and aerospace production plants. Drills and impacts drills are being used for piercing and screw driving.


    Power transmission tools are commonly utilised in many sectors, including architecture, manufacturing, aviation, electricity, including construction. The said section’s expansion is being pushed by advancements in batteries technology and increasing acceptance of cordless instruments across business and residential customers.


    Manufacturers are now focused on production numerous lithium-ion battery-powered cordless power transmission tools While still widely used, electrical tools that have been directly driven by the alternating current mains supply are rapidly being phased out in favour of battery-powered devices.


    Cordless power tools, on the other hand, frequently come with a trade-off among weight, horsepower, as well as battery check without recharging. Power tools are getting smarter as well, due to inbuilt sensing technologies that improve efficiency, convenience (for example, by decreasing torque ripple), as well as reliability (preventing dangerous kick-back for instance).


    Networking elements are also becoming more prevalent in new designs, since linking power tools to smart phones and tablets allows for data collecting and data analysis for monitoring system and preventative maintenance.



    Johnson Electric has announced the launch of a new BLDC motor platform for Power Tools called E6. Its rugged design, compact size, and proven durability in application domains give our power tool customers a high-efficiency, long-life, and cost-effective option.


    For cordless power tools, the E6 platform is available in a variety of voltages. Its high efficiency and low current consumption provide the greatest user experience, allowing the user to get more work done per battery charge. Because of its small size, the instrument is lighter and less tiring to use.


    Furthermore, the electronic commutation and ball bearing systems have unrivalled long-term durability. The platform will also provide great quality and product consistency, continuing to uphold Johnson Electric’s fundamental value, which is well-known among customers throughout the world.



    The worldwide power tools market is expanding due to growing development in developing and developed nations, increased urbanisation, and a spike in the usage of battery power tools in the automobile industry.


    The growing use of DIY techniques has spurred market expansion, owing to an increase in consumption for battery-powered cordless instruments, improvements in lifestyle, as well as an increased per capita revenue. Nonetheless, the building industry’s slowing growth is impeding market expansion.


    Festool Inc is one of the leading developers of the power tools in the market. It has brought in the latest technology integrated within its product. The high degree of efficiency implies that both the motor and the drivetrain efficiently utilise the battery’s energy, allowing the tool to have a long runtime and great performance.


    As a result, these brushless EC-TEC motors are much more efficient than carbon brush motors and are particularly well suited to cordless equipment. It’s a whole system that only operates when all of the pieces are there. Without a sufficient battery, even the finest motor is useless.


    Johnson Electric Inc.  is also a global scale developer of the power tools for industrial and residential requirements. The innovative cooling, bearing, and dust-proof features, together with extensive application testing, provide the durability needed for professional construction work.


    This innovative Compact EC motor architecture is adaptable to a wide range of power equipment applications, comprising drilling, wrenches, cutting tools, as well as grinders. When compared to ordinary DC motors, this Portable EC motor performs 100 percent more work from a single battery charge in a 65 mm forester drill bit application. Because of the quicker drilling speed, productivity is increased by 15%. Due to the obvious great efficiency, the operational as well as in streams are much lower, extending the battery’s life.



    • Chiaphua Components Group (CCG)
    • Johnson Electric
    • KELI
    • Jiaxinjt
    • Chuanghong Mortor
    • Once Top Motor Manufacture
    • Shenzhen Chengfang Electric Machine
    • Portescap
    • Huizhou JD-power Technology
    • Atlas Copco AB
    • Emerson Electric Co.
    • Hilti Corporation
    • Ingersoll-Rand plc.
    • Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
    • Moglix Inc.


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