The  automotive lighting market in China is price-oriented.Halogen lights dominate the Chinese passenger vehicle scene but HIDs have gained prominence in domestic brand SUVs. HID is still the most preferred option in the performance lighting segment. The LED penetration rate in complete automotive lighting is high and at par with international level. China has seen rapid adoption of daytime running lamps (DRL) as it is closely linked with the signature styling of vehicles. The growth for LED DRLs in China comes at a time when domestic Chinese OEMs are striving for futuristic and compelling designs in order to fulfil their ambition of being successful in developed regions. As a result of this, the market penetration of DRL in China was 53% in 2017.


The penetration rate of LED projector headlamp modules in the Chinese headlamp market is on the rise due to declining prices and improvement in their efficiency. The market presence of LED projector headlamps has increased following increase in fitment from exclusively available on the premium vehicles to optionally available in the mid-range vehicles. Due to complexity involved in designing high-power LED product segments, (high / low beam and fog light) and regulations regarding their compliance, they are mostly sourced from international manufacturers.

Projector Headlamp Lighting technology on Best-selling SUVs in China(2017)

Sl noVehicle Price range



Projector Headlamps availableMarket share(%)
1Haval H613,500-21,300


2Trumpchi GS414,000-20,800


3Baojun 56010,500-12,600


4Buick Envision36,800-49,000


5Volkswagen Tiguan28,000-42,000


Yes(LED on most of the L version)3
6Changan CS7515,200-20,300


7JAC Refine S39,100-11,900


8Haval H213,800-17,000


9Honda CRV27,500-33,000


10Nissan X-Trail25,200-37,800


Yes(LED on top variant)2



In order to keep pace with changing consumer tastes, the Chinese automakers have started updating their models in a much lesser time frame as compared to earlier. This is very much in line with global markets where the facelift/refresh of a car model is launched every 3 years and a new generation/upgrade is launched every 5-6 years. Every upgrade/facelift implies change in frontal lighting. There is a long list of lighting features, Chinese OEMs have started to offer as a standard fitment over the past 3-4 years. Those features include projector headlamps, centrally high-mounted stop lamps, daytime running lamps, ambient lighting and auto levelling headlamps. Features like ambient lighting and auto levelling lamps were earlier only available on luxury vehicles but they are about to become standard on mid to high segment vehicles.



The projector headlamp market in China is extremely concentrated. The global automotive lighting companies rely on their technical capability and established relation with the OEMs to secure new orders. Whereas, the local Chinese automotive lighting suppliers have positioned themselves in the low to mid segment of passenger vehicles and aftermarket business.Over the past few years some Chinese suppliers have shown aggressive intent in acquiring clients on the back of low pricing. On the other hand, the Japanese automotive lighting suppliers like Koito, Stanley Electric and European lighting manufacturers including Hella and Valeo have monopolized the automotive lighting in mid to high end segment.


  1. The market size (both volume and value) of projector headlamps in China in 2015-2022 and every year in between?
  2. The market size and forecast segmented by OEM origin (Domestic and Foreign)
  3. The market size and forecast segmented by technology (Halogen, HID and LED)
  4. The market size and forecast segmented by vehicle body type (SUV,MPV,Sedan and Hatchback)
  5. How the Chinese new car consumers are evolving
  6. Upcoming SUVs,MPVs,Sedans with projector headlamps
  7. Ongoing research on LED based intelligent lighting system to enhance advanced driver assistance system
  8. Market share of automotive lighting suppliers in China
  9. Revenue, share, major customers and In-depth future growth plans of projector headlamp suppliers(both domestic and foreign)
  10. Latest trends in automotive lighting market in China


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1. Scope of the report

2. Research Methodology

3. List of abbreviations

4. Market in a nutshell

4.1. By Volume

4.2. By Value

5. Introduction

5.1. Economic outlook of Developed countries

5.1.1.     US

5.1.2.     Europe

5.1.3.     Japan

5.2. Economic outlook of Emerging and Developing economies

5.2.1.     India

5.2.2.     Brazil

5.2.3.     Russia

5.2.4.     South Africa

5.3. Economic Outlook of Middle East

5.4. China

5.4.1.     About Chinese consumers

5.4.2.     Automotive Industry in China

5.4.3.     Car ownership in China

5.4.4.     Major trends in global automotive lighting industry

5.4.5.     About Chinese lighting industry

5.4.6.     Automotive lighting trends in China

6. Market Dynamics

6.1. Market Drivers

6.1.1.     Growth of luxury car segment in China

6.1.2.     Growing demand for value for money Chinese SUVs

6.1.3.     Chinese OEMs` strategy to go premium (WEY,LYNk & Co, Faraday Future)

6.2. Market Challenges

6.2.1.     Strong demand for budget cars will act as a driver for vehicles with reflector headlamp setup

6.2.2.     Declining refresh time of vehicles leading to increased cost for lighting suppliers

6.2.3.     Growth in used car market poses a strong threat to new car sales in China

6.3. Market Trends

6.3.1.     LED projector headlamps replacing Xenon headlamps in luxury segment

6.3.2.     Growing research on LED based intelligent lighting system to enhance advanced driver assistance system

6.3.3.     Adaptive Bi-Xenon (HID) and adaptive LED projector headlights being increasingly offered in the Chinese market

7. Market Sizing and Forecast, By Technology 2015-2022

7.1. Xenon (HID)-Volume

7.2. Xenon (HID)-Value

7.3. Halogen- Volume

7.4. Halogen-Value

7.5. LED-Volume

7.6. LED- Value

8. Market Sizing and Forecast,By Vehicle Body type 2015- 2022

8.1. SUV Segment – Volume

8.2. SUV Segment -Value

8.3. Sedan Segment-Volume

8.4. Sedan – Value

8.5. MPV segment- Volume

8.6. MPV segment- Value

8.7. Hatchback segment- Volume

8.8. Hatchback segment- value

9. Market Sizing and Forecast, by Domestic and Foreign OEMS 2015-2022

9.1. Domestic OEMs-Volume

9.2. Domestic OEMs- Value

9.3. Foreign OEMs-Volume

9.4. Foreign OEMs- Value

10. Competitive Landscape

11. Company  profiles

11.1. Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd.

11.2. Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems Co Ltd

11.3. Changchun HELLA Automotive Lighting Co., Ltd

11.4. Tianjin Stanley Electric Co., Ltd

11.5. Valeo Ichikoh(CHINA) Auto Lighting CO., Ltd.

11.6. Other prominent Companies

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