Global Pt100 Temperature Sensor Market 2023-2030

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    The most popular variety of platinum resistance thermometers are those with PT 100 temperature sensors. Even though they may not actually be RTD Pt100 type thermometers, resistance thermometers are frequently referred to as Pt100 sensors. Pt stands for platinum, which is what the sensor is constructed of.


    The sensor has a resistance of 100 ohms at 0°C, as indicated by the number 100. One kind of temperature sensor is a resistance thermometer. It comprises of a component that gauges temperature through resistance. Resistance thermometers are also known as RTDs, RTs, Pt100 RTDs, or Pt1000s.


    The temperature sensors on PT100 probes are made to get the best measurement possible of your process. The PT100 sensor’s operating system – Temperature is measured with a Pt100 sensor. It is a particular kind of sensor that belongs to a class known as Resistance Temperature Detectors, or RTDs.


    It is worthwhile to look at some of the language used before learning how the sensor operates because it is quite helpful to know when identifying a sensor. Pt100, the sensor type, provides two crucial details about the sensor. The first component, Pt, indicates that the sensor is platinum-based because platinum is represented chemically by that letter.


    The device’s resistance at 0°C is indicated by the second component, 100. In this instance, 100. On this theme, there are numerous variations. Other materials, including Nickel and Copper, as well as resistance ratings of 50, 500, and 1000 can also be employed. This makes it possible for sensors to be recognised as Cu100, Ni120, and Pt1000. 




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     The Global Pt100 Temperature Sensor Market accounted for $XX Billion in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $XX Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of XX% from 2023 to 2030.



    iTHERM CompactLine launched  TM311 – Pt100 temperature sensor. In hygienic and aseptic applications, the iTHERM CompactLine TM311 sanitary thermometer offers precise and quick process temperature measurements. Its temperature sensor offers a 4-wire connection or feeds into an intelligent temperature transmitter with an IO-Linkor switch output and a 4 to 20 mA current range.


    The RTD Pt100; Class A, equipped with TipSens technology, provides reaction times as low as 1.5 s (t90) for optimal process management.


    This adaptable tool is a fantastic option for promoting plant homogeneity. intended for all-purpose sterile applications. Great potential for standardisation for makers of machines and plants, Range of measurement: -50 to 200 °C. Up to 50 bar of pressure; IP69 protection level.


    Pt100; IO-Link, 4 to 20 mA, 1x PNP switch as the output. International certifications include 3-A, EHEDG, ASME BPE, FDA, EC 1935/2004, EN 2023/2006, TSE/ADI, GB4806-2016, and GB9685-2016. Maritime certifications are in accordance with DNV GL.



    • iTHERM CompactLine
    • Ace Instrument.
    • Futuristic Technology.
    • Aps Lab Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
    •  BBS Process Controls.



    1. How many Pt100 Temperature Sensors are manufactured per annum globally? Who are the sub-component suppliers in different regions?
    2. Cost breakup of a Global Pt100 Temperature Sensor and key vendor selection criteria
    3. Where is the Pt100 Temperature Sensor manufactured? What is the average margin per unit?
    4. Market share of Global Pt100 Temperature Sensor market manufacturers and their upcoming products
    5. Cost advantage for OEMs who manufacture Global Pt100 Temperature Sensor in-house
    6. key predictions for next 5 years in Global Pt100 Temperature Sensor market
    7. Average B-2-B Pt100 Temperature Sensor market price in all segments
    8. Latest trends in Pt100 Temperature Sensor market, by every market segment
    9. The market size (both volume and value) of the Pt100 Temperature Sensor market in 2023-2030 and every year in between?
    10. Production breakup of Pt100 Temperature Sensor market, by suppliers and their OEM relationship


    Sl no  Topic 
    Market Segmentation 
    Scope of the report 
    Research Methodology 
    Executive Summary 
    Insights from Industry stakeholders 
    Cost breakdown of Product by sub-components and average profit margin 
    Disruptive innovation in theIndustry 
    10  Technology trends in the Industry 
    11  Consumer trends in the industry 
    12  Recent Production Milestones 
    13  Component Manufacturing in US, EU and China 
    14  COVID-19 impact on overall market 
    15  COVID-19 impact on Production of components 
    16  COVID-19 impact on Point of sale 
    17  Market Segmentation, Dynamics and Forecast by Geography, 2023-2030 
    18  Market Segmentation, Dynamics and Forecast by Product Type, 2023-2030 
    19  Market Segmentation, Dynamics and Forecast by Application, 2023-2030 
    20  Market Segmentation, Dynamics and Forecast by End use, 2023-2030 
    21  Product installation rate by OEM, 2023 
    22  Incline/Decline in Average B-2-B selling price in past 5 years 
    23  Competition from substitute products 
    24  Gross margin and average profitability of suppliers 
    25  New product development in past 12 months 
    26  M&A in past 12 months 
    27  Growth strategy of leading players 
    28  Market share of vendors, 2023 
    29  Company Profiles 
    30  Unmet needs and opportunity for new suppliers 
    31  Conclusion 
    32  Appendix 
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