China is now a powerhouse in high speed rolling stock manufacturing and exports, and much of that has happened between 2005-2015. 16 years ago(2004), China abandoned its own development attempt at high speed rail development, deciding instead to rely upon Japanese, German, and French technology.

In 2007, the CRH trains was launched for the first time in China, which is considered a pivotal point in China’s train technology capability .In the same year, the Chinese government started  medium and long-term railway network planning. many high-speed railways have been built since then.

By the end of 2018, the high-speed railway network in China exceeded 29,000 km, more than 60% of global high speed rail network,



Infographic: Rolling stock market in China


Metro segment is among the fastest growing rolling stock segment in China. China alone accounted for 60% of global metro rail infrastructure growth in 2018.

  • China accounts for 25% of global metro fleet and 65% of high speed rail fleet
  • In terms of units , there are about 5,600 high speed trainsets or 60,000 high speed rail cars and ~34,000 metro vehicles in operation as of jan 2019
  • Most of the vehicles are less than 15 years old hence the replacement demand is lower than new vehicle demand

The addition of 10,000km high speed rail tracks between 2019 and 2024 will create demand for new 2,200-2,500 train sets i.e. 22,000-25,000 high speed rail cars

The cost to build metro infra in China is $90-$100 Million per km, considerably lower than Europe, where costs run anywhere between $150 Million-$400 Million per km, and US where it has exceeded $1 Billion per km also a large chunk of the cost is funded by the state government via debt.

The rolling stock market in China is estimated at $XX Billion in 2020, growing at –% CAGR.



Dec 2019– A hydrogen fuel cell Tram has started test running  in Foshan ahead of opening of the city’s first tram route. CRRC Qingdao Sifang is supplying eight trams powered by hydrogen fuel cells developed with Canada based Ballard Power Systems

Sep 2019– The first of 49 driverless trains to operate on Shanghai metro Line 14 was officially rolled out by CRRC Nanjing Puzhen. The eight-car Type A trainsets are equipped with Bombardier’s Mitrac propulsion and control systems

April 2019– CRRC Tangshan  completed pre-delivering testing of a variable configuration EMU, which is designed for two power cars and up to 16 single or double-deck coaches

Oct 2018– China Railway Corp awarded Bombardier Sifang Transportation a $330M contract to supply 10 CR400AF high speed trainsets within three months. The contract for five eight-car and five 16-car 350 km/h trainsets was awarded to the 50:50 joint venture of Bombardier Transportation and CRRC Sifang 




  1. China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC Qingdao Sifang)
  2. Bombardier Sifang (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.
  3. CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co, Ltd
  4. Alstom(Shanghai Alstom Transport Electrical Equipment)
  5. CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd




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