Global Superyacht Market 2023-2030

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    Published- Dec 2022

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    1. Global Superyacht Market is valued at $XX Million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $XX Million by 2030, registering a CAGR of XX% from 2023 to 2030.
    2. With an increase in the income level of people living around the world, there was an increase in spending on recreational activities, which is driving the Yacht market. 
    3. The 25-30M superyacht segment accounts for ~35% of global superyacht PARC.
    4. More than 60% of superyachts in operation today have hulls and superstructures made of GRP (Glass reinforced Plastic).
    5. Global revenue from superyachts was estimated to be $8B in 2020 and 42 meters superyachts accounted for the highest market share.
    6. There are currently 3,668 yachts around 30m afloat as of today. Last year there were a total of 89 yachts around 30m built.
    7. The largest yacht around 30m is Leda, built by Lloyds Ships in 1993, with a volume of 652 GT. 
    8. On average 30m yachts have a volume of 200 GT, and can accommodate up to 8 guests. 
    9. The demographic shift to the younger generation now warrants a customized yacht where people on-board can spend more time on the yacht by getting all the facilities, like Cinema, pool, spa, etc.
    10. Italy is the world`s biggest producer of superyachts. Italy based Benetti and Ferreti have the biggest orderbook and accounted for ~25%  cumulative market share in 2020.
    11. As the superyachts are getting larger and larger,there is a much larger space now made available  for wellness (gyms and spas).World leader Benetti is now expanding in the gigayacht(>100m) category.
    12. The yacht brokerage companies are now focussing on the >40m category where ownership period has been declining.



    Over the next decade or so, the superyacht industry can expect steady progress in both boatbuilding and brokerage markets, with generic growth likely to check the destabilizing shocks of geopolitical events and moderate the unsettling headwinds of global market movements.


    The market is thriving, but there are a few storm clouds on the horizon that threaten to interrupt the upward curve. Covid-19 has affected supply chains around the world. The pandemic has resulted in delays in delivery and big increases in the cost of raw materials such as steel, aluminum and resin for composite builds at a time when demand was at its highest. 


    The pre-owned market is just as active as new builds. In the first half of 2021, more than 380 used yachts over 24 meters were sold, which is close to double the number over the same period the previous year. 


    Electronic components were the most affected, which is causing some delays in our deliveries. This directly impacted on the production by reducing it to a certain level. But many builders still tried to anticipate orders and deliveries as much as they could.


    The demand for Superyachts increased during the pandemic. Some buyers invoke social distancing, while others, an existential awakening. A deeper reason for the demand is the widening imbalance of wealth. 


    The Millionaires and billionaires are fighting over slots to get their new yachts built, with building slots booked until 2025, which is only driving demand for the vessels further.


    However, to avoid being left behind with other businesses in the manufacturing sector, the industry will need to follow its fortunes in emerging markets (EM).




    The Global Superyacht Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.


    By Geography

    • US
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Rest of the World


    By Propulsion

    • Diesel
    • Hybrid
    • Electric/Hydrogen


    By Components

    • Interior Fittings
    • Electronics


    By Yacht Length (meters)

    • 24-60
    • 60-120
    • >120




    A superyacht owner spends 10-12% of the cost of the yacht annually to operate, including maintenance and repair. Therefore, policies related to higher and cross utilization of superyachts across countries could be a welcome move. Australia has recently taken a step in this direction.


    The Northern European countries are especially known for building fully custom and semi-custom motor and sailing yachts. The Netherlands and Germany top the yachting industry for delivering yachts over 50m with large volume and a high value.


    The rapid growth of digitalisation in the yachting sector is revolutionizing different areas of superyacht management, design, operation and efficiency, changing the guest and crew onboard experience, enhancing elite racing performance, improving safety and cyber security and increasing accessibility to worldwide and remote cruising.


    With ambitious targets for cutting carbon emissions in the UK by 2035 and in the EU by 2050, the superyacht industry only has a limited amount of time to start producing yachts powered by suitable energy sources, especially when considering the lengthy design and build lead times.


    Post-Covid, many companies in the superyacht industry are still facing financial headwinds, so they may opt to do more online meetings from a cost perspective. The tremendous amount of air travel taking place in the superyacht industry is both time-consuming and polluting, so there are also gains to be made from both an efficiency standpoint and an environmental point of view.


    The MYS Yacht Design & Innovation Hub once again has SuperYacht Times as a media partner.  On the docks of Virage Chiron, where the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub is housed at the MYS, as well as inside the 200 square-meter display space itself, some 25 yacht designers will be showcasing their most recent creations.


    Live presentations will be conducted during the event in the brand-new 100 square metre conference room, which will be hosted in partnership with SuperYacht Times. Visitors to the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub will be given information on current and upcoming trends as well as cutting-edge design or sustainability solutions. Over the course of the four days of the Monaco Yacht Show, about 20 seminars will be hosted in total.




    Previously, the use of glass was restricted because it was heavy, but now with better technology, glasses are being used to improve the structural styling of yachts, and not just doors and windows.


    Ambient lighting and focus lighting has always been an important area of superyacht interior designers but now with growing LED usage, multi-colored lighting can be applied to previously inaccessible spaces.


    Textiles/Fabrics are an important element in the interior design .Now, there is quite a lot of flexibility in customization (color,thickness) available in fabric/leather which was just not there a decade ago.


    The push for more sustainable materials also comes with a greater need to retain the best parts of a classic yacht interior. Luxury yachts are seeing more unique and varied interior designs that blend modernity with tradition.


    The layout of super yachts continues to change each year, and there’s now a greater emphasis on specificity by yacht clients from around the world. Different lifestyles can mean less formulaic interior designs and greater emphasis on certain features. 




    The global superyacht market is estimated at $xx Billion annually, growing at xx% CAGR by 2030.


    Mediterranean has remained the most popular cruising region globally but now as more tourists explore Southeast Asia, there is a growing charter market for superyachts in the Thailand-Malaysia-Indonesia coastal region.But, the infrastructure to service and operate superyachts in this region is not that well developed.


    The 24-60 meter superyacht segment account for ~xx% of global superyacht PARC.


    60-120 Meter superyachts also account for a significant share of global superyacht PARC as well as under construction order-book.But, >120M segment has been growing at a Steady rate for the past 5 years. About 70% of global superyachts in production are built in Italy.


    The >100 meter ( gigayacht) category is still very niche and till date there are less than 60 Giga Yachts in existence or less than 1% of the global superyacht fleet.


    The US is although the world`s biggest boat market has a very limited superyacht building industry.


    More than 80% superyachts in operation are motor powered and the remaining are sail powered.About ~20-25% of superyachts in production are sailboats and the remaining are motorboats.


    In the <60 meters segment, Italy is the leader in superyacht manufacturing, with ~50% global production share.




    Nov 2022 – Feadship 1010 is a motor yacht with a length of 118.0m. The yacht’s builder is Feadship from Netherlands who delivered superyacht Feadship 1010 in 2022. The superyacht has a beam of 16.0m and a volume of 5,000 GT. The yacht Feadship 1010 has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure.


    June 2021 – The 74m NB66 launched at the Turquoise Yachts Istanbul shipyard with delivery expected for September. The yacht has an LOA of 73.6m, a beam of 14.2m and a draft of 4.05m. The GT has been calculated at 1558, with the vessel comprising a steel hull with an aluminium superstructure.


    June 2021 – UK tender manufacturer Pascoe International unveiled a new 12m Limousine model. The new design will deliver superb craftsmanship to guests while they are transported from the shore to the yacht, as well as during exploratory trips and day adventures.


    June 2021 – The Oceano 50 is the new 50-metre addition to Mangusta’s range of long-range displacement vessels. The steel hull and aluminium superstructure lines are from Alberto Mancini, working with Mangusta’s in-house engineering department, while P.L.A.N.A Design undertook the naval architecture, all of which falls under the 500GT mark.


    June 2021 – Codecasa Shipyards announced the launching of the new Codecasa 56 – Hull F78 The superyacht, stands at 56m and features a steel hull with an aluminium superstructure. The four decks of the yacht feature elegant large windows that naturally brighten the interiors and display the refined exteriors.


    June 2021 – Tecnomar by The Italian Sea Group, a global operator in the luxury yachting industry, has successfully launched in June, the first Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, avantgarde motor yacht coming from the encounter between yachting excellence and supersport cars.


    May 2021 – Gulf Craft announces launch of Majesty 175, The  Majesty 175 was first announced at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show and marks a step forward for superyacht production in The United Arab Emirates.


    April 2021 – The impressive 50m Columbus Sport M/Y K2 launched and has undertaken her first sea trials. Built at Columbus Yachts’ Ancona shipyard in Italy.


    Feb 2021 – Amels Launched 74m Superyacht Synthesis. The Synthesis has a GT of 1,790 tonnes and six deluxe suites with ensuite bathrooms for 12 guests – and two of these cabins are main deck VIP suites.


    Jan 2021- Seven deck 107m ocean liner-inspired superyacht concept revealed. It has a ceiling height of 2.7 metres and a 17-metre beam and can accommodate 20 guests in 10 double guest cabins.


    Dec 2020 – Heesen announced the sale of its 49.9-metre Steel Class yacht- Project Oslo24 planned for delivery in March 2024.


    Nov 2020 – Sanlorenzo revealed the 35.75-metre SD118, it has space for up to 10 guests. The upper deck has an asymmetrical configuration designed by Bernardo Zuccon.


    The Lürssen Rendsburg shipyard in Germany has launched the 90-meter-long Lürssen superyacht Project 1601.The 3,600 GT-estimated Project 1601 was launched after the 145-meter Superyacht Luminance.


    Espen Ino International was credited with her exterior design, and Lürssen was responsible for her naval architecture. The project manager for the building phase was Cornelsen & Partner.Project 1601 has a distinctive profile that is marked by straight lines and sharp corners. The interior and outside of her building were both designed by Dölker + Voges GmbH.


    More than ten more superyacht projects are currently in the works or on hold in Lürssen. The 122-meter Jag and the 137-meter Alibaba are two of the upcoming projects in this category.


    At 118 metres (387 feet), the mega yacht CELERIUS is the biggest boat that Abeking & Rasmussen has ever produced. She was formerly known as Hull 6507, and she has been seen on the water displaying her new deck furnishings, which include a sizable swimming pool on the aft deck.


    Turquoise Yachts was pleased to announce the successful launch of the NB69 motor yacht INFINITE JEST. With the 53m Jewels now finished, Turquoise has six yachts in the works, including the 87m Vento and the yacht after it, the 79m Toro.




    Lürssen, a German shipyard renowned for its high-quality superyachts, teamed up with legendary designer Philippe Starck to create a groundbreaking superyacht concept.


    The partnership’s aim was to blend elegant aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a yacht that is not only visually stunning but also eco-friendly. This collaboration showcases how combining expertise from two different domains can lead to innovative solutions that redefine luxury at sea.


    Feadship, the renowned Dutch superyacht builder, and Studio Indigo, a London-based luxury design studio, joined forces to create a series of bespoke superyachts.


    The collaboration focused on incorporating the finest craftsmanship and timeless design elements into every aspect of the yacht’s interior and exterior. This partnership highlights the importance of attention to detail and the seamless integration of art and technology in luxury yacht design.


    In a bid to enhance onboard comfort, Benetti, one of the leading Italian yacht builders, partnered with Seakeeper, a company specializing in gyroscopic stabilization technology.


    By integrating Seakeeper’s advanced stabilization systems into their yachts, Benetti improved stability at anchor and reduced rolling motions, providing a smoother and more enjoyable cruising experience. This partnership demonstrates how collaborations can address practical challenges and prioritize passengers’ comfort.


    Oceanco, a prominent builder of custom superyachts, collaborated with BMT, a maritime engineering firm, to develop eco-friendly superyachts that prioritize sustainability without compromising on luxury.


    The partnership resulted in the creation of yachts with hybrid propulsion systems, energy-efficient designs, and advanced waste treatment facilities. By embracing green technologies, Oceanco and BMT have set a new standard for environmentally responsible superyacht construction.


    Lürssen features once again in a partnership with Winch Design, a renowned studio specializing in superyacht interiors.


    The collaboration aims to create personalized, elegant, and highly innovative superyacht interiors that cater to the tastes and preferences of discerning owners. By combining Lürssen’s engineering prowess with Winch Design’s expertise in bespoke interiors, the partnership offers a harmonious blend of functionality and luxury.


    Amels, a subsidiary of the Damen Shipyards Group, teamed up to redefine the concept of superyacht support vessels. These vessels are designed to accompany superyachts and offer additional space for toys, tenders, and other equipment.


    Through this partnership, Amels and Damen have developed efficient and versatile support vessels that cater to the growing demand for adventure and exploration among superyacht owners.


    Nobiskrug, a German shipyard, partnered with MTU, a leading manufacturer of high-performance engines and propulsion systems, to develop powerful and efficient propulsion solutions for their superyachts.


    By integrating MTU’s cutting-edge engine technology, Nobiskrug’s superyachts boast increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced performance, showcasing how collaboration can lead to technical advancements in yacht engineering.




    A superyacht named “Solstice Serenity 900” was created to redefine luxury and peace on the open seas. This vessel, designed by LuxNav Yachts, a famous name in nautical grandeur, is the epitome of sophistication and comfort, raising the bar for maritime extravagance.


    The Solstice Serenity 900 is 900 feet long and has a contemporary appearance that skillfully fuses elegance and innovation. The yacht’s elegant lines are enhanced by large windows that let in plenty of natural light, blurring the border between the luxurious interior and the mesmerizing ocean views.


    The interior transforms into a world of luxury. Every nook was meticulously planned by leading interior architects, and it radiates luxury. Every element of the hotel has been carefully chosen to meet your needs, from the opulent atrium that welcomes you at entry to the cutting-edge entertainment areas.


    The luxurious guestrooms, each with a panoramic outlook and opulent en-suite amenities decorated with rare marble and precious metals, are named after heavenly stars and provide retreats of the finest luxury.


    Both the design and technology of the Solstice Serenity 900 are cutting edge. Modern stabilization technologies guarantee a calm ride even amid choppy conditions. In order to lessen its impact on the environment without sacrificing performance, the yacht’s hybrid propulsion system blends conventional engines with renewable energy sources.


    The yacht has a top-notch gourmet restaurant run by a Michelin-starred chef that caters to food connoisseurs. LuxNav Yachts’ “Solstice Serenity 900” is more than just a boat; it’s an example of how luxury, technology, and design can coexist harmoniously. The name of this superyacht, which stands for both the harmony of nature and the height of human craftsmanship, promises a life-changing experience where majesty and serenity meet on the wide seas.




    At the Monaco Yacht Show, Sunseeker introduced a superyacht branch. The progress of its new 161-foot aluminum-hulled superyacht, which is being built by ICON at its Harlingen shipyard in the Netherlands, to the media gathered at the event by the new superyacht division.


    A new 133 Sunseeker, which will be constructed at the Osprey Quay shipyard and finished at the Pendennis yard in Falmouth, was also showcased by the firm. The 116 yacht will also be part of the new line.


    Liva, which surpasses the previous Abeking flagship Aviva by 65 feet, is the company’s largest yacht to date. A semi-submerged underwater observation area on the lower deck, a supersized pool, a helipad, a spa with a sauna and a beauty salon, and a lower-deck beach club are reportedly among the interior amenities designed by the French studio Joseph Dirand Architecture. is 65 feet longer than the previous Abeking flagship, Aviva, making it the largest yacht the company has ever constructed.


    A semi-submerged underwater observation area on the lower deck, a supersized pool, a helipad, a spa with a sauna and a beauty salon, and a lower-deck beach club are reportedly among the interior amenities designed by the French studio Joseph Dirand Architecture.


    The 56m superyacht CHARLEY 2 has been launched by Echo Yachts. It is the largest motor catamaran ever built in Australia and a one-of-a-kind adventure/support yacht with naval architecture from One2Three Naval Architects.




    The superyacht market competitive landscape is highly concentrated among few European and Asian players.Italy based Sanlorenzo, Feretti and Azimut-Benetti are among the top 3 superyacht builders globally. Taiwan based Horizon yachts( 92 yachts built till date) and Ocean Alexander(45 yachts delivered till date)  are among the leading players from Asia.


    Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, has launched its Digital Yacht initiative.To explore the potential of reliable connectivity & digital solutions to introduce exciting new technology and innovative systems, The series features a combination of online and live event formats and supporting content to help the superyacht, yachting, explorer and racing communities capitalize on the latest developments in onboard connectivity and harness the power of the new digital era.


    Baltic Yachts has won a contract to build a 110 ft sloop. The project represents the third Baltic superyacht to feature electric propulsion as environmental considerations continue to dominate designs following the launch of Baltic 142 Canova and the imminent launch of the Baltic 117 Custom.


    Bosch recently announced its intention to invest one billion euros in fuel cell technology by 2024 and, last month, the company entered into cooperation on fuel cells with China’s Qingling Motors to develop, assemble and market fuel cell systems for the Chinese market as trucks are similar to yachts in that they need high power for long durations and [fuel cell] is definitely a preferred way.


    The yacht charter business is evolving rapidly in Europe and the market leader Azimut Benetti  has already launched low cost ownership schemes and charter initiatives such as the Azimut Charter Club to reduce costs for the owners. Benetti is also working with Siemens on a hybrid propulsion powertrain for superyachts with 30-40 meter length application. Benetti will deliver 15 superyachts out of 118 scheduled for delivery in 2020, i.e. ~13% global market share.


    Lürssen, German shipyard is renowned for producing some of the biggest and most opulent superyachts in the world, with an emphasis on individualization and meticulous attention to detail. This knowledge has assisted the business in keeping a solid reputation in the sector. The company has been around for more than 145 years, giving it a wealth of shipbuilding knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the market.


    For more than 170 years, the Dutch shipyard Feadship has been producing boats. The world’s wealthiest people strongly value the company’s craftsmanship and attention to detail, and its yachts are in high demand.


    Since 1873, the Italian shipyard Benetti has been producing yachts. The company is renowned for its Italian design and engineering and offers a variety of yachts, from modest day boats to substantial custom superyachts.


    A Dutch shipyard with a focus on creating bespoke superyachts. The business is renowned for its creativity and has created a number of ground-breaking yachts, including the largest solar-powered yacht ever built.


    A Dutch shipyard that specialises in creating semi-custom yachts is known as Amels. The company is renowned for its excellent engineering and craftsmanship and offers a variety of yachts ranging in length from 55 to 83 metres.



    1. Azimut-Benetti Group
    2. Feretti Group
    3. Sanlorenzo
    4. Feadship
    5. Torquoise yacht
    6. Ocenanco
    7. Sunseeker
    8. Horizon Yachts
    9. The Italian Sea Group
    10. Heesen yachts
    11. Princess yachts
    12. Ocean Alexander
    13. Custom Line Yachts



    1. Market Size and Forecast of superyacht market, by region, by propulsion, by components and by yacht length(Volume and Value)
    2. Market Trends,risks, drivers and opportunities in global superyacht market
    3. Detailed orderbook of Major Superyacht Builders
    4. Growing solar panel usage in Superyachts
    5. Growth strategy of superyacht manufacturers and opportunity in charter market
    6. The ongoing interior trends and increase in custom designed Yachts in the Superyacht Market
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    Superyacht Propulsion trends, By Engine Type  17-19 
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    IMO Tier 3 regulation impact on Superyacht market  23 
    Superyacht Interior Trends  25 
    Superyacht Exterior & Interior Designers Globally  27-30 
    Superyacht Orderbook in the Last 10 Years  32 
    10  COVID Impact on Global Superyacht Market  34 
    11   Most Popular Superyacht based on length  36-39 
    12  Most Popular Superyacht based on individual price  41-43 
    13  Growing Solar Panel usage in Superyachts  45-49 
    14  Market Size, Dynamics and Forecast By Geography (2022-2027)  51-59 
    15  Market Size, Dynamics and Forecast By Propulsion (2022-2027)  61-66 
    16  Market Size, Dynamics and Forecast By Yacht Length (2022-2027)   68-73 
    17  Market Size, Dynamics and Forecast By Components (2022-2027)  75-76 
    18  Competitive Landscape  78-83 
    19  Market Share of Major Superyacht Builders – 2022  85-86 
    20  Orderbook of Major Superyacht Builders  88-89 
    21  Mergers & Acquisitions in the Industry  91 
    22  Company Profiles  93-99 
    23  Unmet needs and Market Opportunity for Suppliers in Global Superyacht Interior Supplier Market  101 
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