US Electric Scooter Market 2024-2030

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    One of the main problems which humanity is facing in actuality is climate change. It is well known that the pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by humans is speeding up climate change. The main cause of it is the carbon dioxide emitted by transports with a total of 31%.


    The global population has gotten accustomed to travelling larger distances than ever before. These excursions are a part of our everyday lives, and there is little we can do to lessen their frequency. As a result, the only option to minimize carbon emissions to the environment is to implement new clean means of transportation.


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    Electric scooters have lately arrived in cities because they make short-distance transportation easier for individuals. Despite the fact that most large cities now have a public transportation system, it is much faster and more comfortable to ride a scooter or a bike right in front of the destination when the distance is not too great.


    On the other hand, there are some major drawbacks of the ES that have to be taken into account, such as the short distance travel and the low load they can carry. Comparing the energy consumption of ES with cars, the fuel consumption of an ICE is 5 L/100km that is about 500Wh/km, whereas an EV consumes 250 Wh/km.


    When a battery is retired from an ES, it still has around 80% of the primary energy so it can still have another use. Despite this second-hand batteries have a lower cost and still have power; they have some important issues such as degraded performance and may suffer from failure.



    The Motorcycle and Scooter based Industry in the USA is committed to applying the principles of sustainability as a key part of the effort to develop its market and value. Manufacturers wish to contribute to the development of a vision for the future of transportation, and to meet the expectations placed on the Powered Two-Wheeler sector.


    In contrast to electric cars, charging electric two-wheelers is relatively easy and requires less infrastructure, and to date a number of small projects have demonstrated that there is potential for electric two-wheelers when considered within the US Market of operations as it has a considerable gapped onset of these operations in place at all times. The Charging infrastructure presence at the organisation at all times has been playing a greater importance in the country.


    Increasing the amount of energy that batteries can store is important in allowing electric two-wheelers  and scooters to be integrated completely within the market, to travel further distances between charges, although less so than for electric cars. Regulations should be implemented to enforce the use of sustainable lithium batteries instead of the cheaper, short-life sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. Technological improvements are also necessary to improve the affordability of electric two-wheelers.


    For most metropolitan locations within the USA, electric two-wheelers confront the same difficulties and provide the same benefits. Travel is rising in cities, and with it comes greater congestion, deterring people from taking public transportation. When private transportation is preferred, two-wheelers are a viable alternative to automobiles, but with several drawbacks.




    S No Overview of Development Development Detailing Region of Development Possible Future Outcomes
    1 US Cardinal Motors, EV manufacturer acquires a entity for expansion under EVs A US vehicle importer and eight other companies have submitted letters of intent to acquire debt-ridden SsangYong Motor United States of America – Washington DC The EV target would enhance its approach towards better mobility and adoption rates for EVs in specific.
    2 Senates E Bike Act for better EV Adoption A bill that would offer Americans a refundable tax credit on the purchase of a new electric bicycle was just introduced in the Senate by Ed Markey (D-MA) and Brian Schatz (D-HI). United States of America This would help in better presence of and other production process improvements
    3 US E Bikes company Rad Power makes its way Electric fat-tire bike manufacturer Rad Power Bikes has unveiled the latest model of its flagship Rad Rover. The updates on the Rad Rover 6 Plus are emblematic of the company’s mission to enhance rider experience United States of America This has led to the establishment of a new EV class.





    The US Electric Scooter Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.


    US ELECTRIC SCOOTER MARKET By Vehicle Infrastructure Type

    • Scooters
    • Mopeds based Scooters



    • Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (LI-NMC)
    • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
    • Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LCO)
    • Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO)
    • Lithium Manganese Oxide (LMO)
    • Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminium Oxide (NCA)



    • 0 TO 3,000 mAH
    • 3,000 TO 10,000 mAH
    • 10,000 TO 60,000 mAH
    • More Than 60,000 mAH


    US ELECTRIC SCOOTER MARKET By Regional Classification

    • Western Region – USA
    • Mid-West Region – USA
    • Northeast Region – USA
    • Southern Region – USA



    The simplicity of the e-scooter, both as a toy and as a possible mode of transportation, is part of its attraction. Another aspect of its usefulness, particularly for mature professionals, is its limits. Due to the tiny size of scooters, the onboard battery is generally smaller than a cable box, limiting the rideable total capability.


    The Most recent EV Scooters are being implemented and integrated with the digitized technology wherein a 6 to 7 Inch TFT display consisting of various forms of optional requirements of navigation to incoming calls to nearest charging points. The Water-resistant technology of pressurization and safety is being integrated and  based upon the IP 67 rated pressure die cast aluminium battery pack.


    Traction control was initially utilized in superbikes and is still primarily used in high-end motorbikes today. This technology is still in its early phases of development for two-wheelers, but it gives bike users more control and safety.


    Traction control keeps the back wheel from drifting, which might cause skidding and catastrophic accidents. This has been of major importance in the US market considering their high safety requirements which defines the EV adoption in the country.



    There has been constant technology adoption and automated control system implementation within the two-wheeler market of the USA. The major stakeholders are involved in implementing new strategies of technology to have a better and safer ride for the customers.


    The American electric has been in the market in mobilizing various two-wheeler based EV Technologies across the country, with its latest innovation being the Superfly. SUPERFLY’S motor is quiet (unlike those in traditional “mopeds”), it’s capable of fast speeds (but not too fast), and it requires relatively simple maintenance (no oil changes).


    The lithium battery pack is quickly removable. SUPERFLY includes a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. Simply plug into any normal 110v outlet to recharge.


    The Vespa Electrical has been one of the most recent integration into the market from the Vespa Scooter as part of its EV Mobility solutions. With the Vespa Electrical, navigation through the urban streets in absolute silence is possible alongside the option of Eco energy-saving mode or opt to push the engine by selecting Power.


    It is integrated with the latest TFT digital instrument panel connected via Bluetooth to the Vespa Mia app to create a state-of-the-art infotainment system, to check trip stats, answer calls, read messages and activate voice commands.


    The Gogoro Scooters has recently integrated itself into the US Market with its Smart Scooter Technology based operations. The most recent technology-based innovation is the S Performance Scooter with adjustable damping on both front and rear shocks that let you optimize the responsiveness to match your riding style and road conditions.


    From the naked handlebar console, race styled windshield, to the streamlined rear grip, Gogoro S2 displays its unique take on athletic ride styling.



    • American Electric
    • Vectrix Corporation
    • Currie technologies
    • Zap Jonway USA
    • Doran Motor Company
    • Electric Vehicle Technologies Inc.
    • Sportiva motors
    • X Treme Electric Scooters
    • Mach 1 Electric Scooters
    • DCI
    • Crave Sports Inc.
    • Vego
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