US Power Generator Market 2023-2030

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    • Himoinsa designed a new set of generators for stationary application ranging from 10-50 kVA at 50Hz and 60Hz.
    • Fear of Hurricane and storm season has led to generator shortage across Texas.
    • Mainspring Energy Inc. signed a $150 M deal with NextEra Energy Inc. to deploy back-up power-generator technology that could avoid grid outages.
    • A U.S. company, A&I Power, received a patent for its new technology of a self-contained generator that doesn’t run on fossil fuels and works on the premise that once created, electricity can be produced continuously, making it the most efficient and cost effective genset in the market.
    • Major companies and countries in a race to develop Hydrogen fueled power gensets, in view of new emission norms across the globe.
    • The commercial and industrial sector is expected to witness a rise in the number of generator demand if the situation is restored to normal by 2022.
    • <75 kVA market is expected to have the highest revenue during the forecast period due to increased demand from the household sector and e-commerce sector.




    According to the US Energy Information Administration, electricity consumption in the United States was about 3.8 billion kWh in 2020, a reduction of ~4% from 2019 due to lockdown restrictions.


    Electricity is a necessity and therefore required for all industrial, commercial and residential activities on a continuous basis.


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    There are many parties in the US which are involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of energy. However, generators (also known as dynamos) which use the science of electromagnetic induction are of great use when there is a breakdown in the grid supply.



    The main factors that drive the demand of generators in the US are :

    • The weather in certain parts of the country is unpredictable which further leads to frequent cuts in power supply. Consumers today want to be ready for all kinds of emergency situations and are aware of the recent technological developments. Hence that is helping the market grow.


    • There are frequent hurricanes and thunderstorms in different parts of the country which affect the power supply. The US Atlantic course is one such area which is known globally for its vulnerability to hurricanes.


    • There is a rapid growth in the population due to which the pressure on the electricity supply is increasing causing power cuts.


    • There is growing demand from several industries such as mining, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals.


    • The market is trifurcated which leads to loss of supply of power very often. California experienced the highest number of power outages from 2008-2019. The number can be estimated at around 4300 outages for California alone during this period.


    • The power network was installed many years ago in some areas and that is why the efficiency might be less at times.



    The growth of the power generator industry is heavily dependent on the lack of proper power infrastructure in a country.


    Being a developed nation, the US government is working towards building a system where each household and commercial site has access to uninterrupted power supply which will lead to the decrease in the demand of the generator sets.


    The US is currently looking at various renewable sources of energy to solve the problem of black outs which if implemented successfully would eliminate the need for generators. There is also a high cost of installation and maintenance associated with power generators.


    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there had been a disruption in the manufacturing process of the power generators.


    The raw materials which were procured mainly from China were inaccessible for a few months due to the complete lockdown in the region.





    By Rated Capacity

    • <75 kVA
    • 75-375 kVA
    • 375-750 kVA
    • >750 kVA

    By rated capacity, less than 75 kVA market is expected to have the highest revenue. The reason for the same being its demand from the household sector and e-commerce sector.


    Work from home is becoming a norm for many well established companies and the model is expected to stay even after the pandemic. This will push the need for more generators in the household sector.


    By Product Type

    • AC Generator
    • Stationary Field Synchronous
    • Rotating Field Synchronous
    • Permanent Magnet
    • Variable/Switched Reluctance
    • Induction Generators
    • Alternators
    • DC Generator
    • Shunt Generators
    • Series Generators
    • Compound Wound


    By Fuel Source, The Market Can Be Segmented As

    • Diesel Generators
    • Gas Generators
    • Others (Bi-Fuel, Natural resources, etc.)

    Diesel generators due to their low cost structure are the most commonly used generators and will continue to be used in many industrial activities.


    Hybrid diesel generators offer many benefits such as less fuel consumption and long running hours and are to gain popularity.


    The gas generators which do not use fossil fuels are expected to see a rise in demand.


    The US Shale Revolution has given more access to natural gas to produce energy using natural gas. This is also expected to help the natural gas generator market grow.

    The oil and gas sector has the highest demand for natural gas generators at oil and gas production sites.


    It is expected that the demand from this sector would increase in the period of 2022-2026.


    Overall, it is expected that the market would shift towards choosing generators using cleaner fuels but the manufacturers need to offer a cost advantage to bring about such a change.



    By Application

    • Standby
    • Continuous
    • Portable


    Due to various benefits such as convenience of use offered by portable power generators, the demand for these is growing.


    Many manufacturers are also focusing on production of these generators. Generac, NorthStar and Winco are a few American companies producing one of the best portable generators.



    By Cooling System

    • Air-Cooled
    • Pressurized Air-Cooled
    • Water-Cooled
    • Hydrogen-Cooled


    By End Users, The Market Can Be Segmented As

    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Industrial

    In the US, most of the demand comes from the residential segment but if conditions are restored to normal by 2022, it is expected that the commercial and industrial sector will see a rise in the number of generators being demanded.


    Looking at the commercial segment, in 2019 the highest demand was from the data centers and healthcare sector in the US.




    June, 2021: Fear of Hurricane and storm season has led to generator shortage across Texas.


    March, 2021: Mainspring Energy Inc. announced that it had made a deal with a national supermarket chain to install generators at as many as 30 stores.


    March, 2021: Himoinsa designed a new set of generators for stationary application ranging from 10-50 kVA at 50Hz and 60Hz.


    March, 2021: Mainspring Energy Inc. signed a $150 M deal with NextEra Energy Inc. to deploy back-up power-generator technology that could avoid grid outages.


    Dec, 2020: A U.S. company, A&I Power, received a patent for its new technology of a self-contained generator that doesn’t run on fossil fuels and works on the premise that once created, electricity can be produced continuously, making it the most efficient and cost effective genset in the market.



    Cummins Inc. has introduced the C1000D6RE, a new 1MW twinpack rental generator that provides a cost-effective rental power solution for a wide range of applications in North America. The new Cummins C1000D6RE model will be constructed in Fridley, Minnesota, by a firm that has been synonymous with technology, reliability, and service since 1919.


    The C1000D6RE is a twinpack generator that combines two Cummins 15L 500kW generators into a single 40ft power unit with aftertreatment. The C1000D6RE is able to meet Tier 4 final emissions regulations while delivering dependable, high output performance as a result of this. The generator is capable of masterless load demand and can be used in conjunction with other rental power solutions.


    The C1000D6RE has a 1000kW power rating according to ISO 8528 and is driven by two QSX15 Cummins engines that are Tier 4 Final approved in the United States. 


    The QSX15 engine meets EPA requirements without the need of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), allowing for easier maintenance, lower emissions, and improved performance.


    For harsh mobile power applications, a new heavy-duty trailer and hitch design offers even higher reliability. The generator’s container can endure harsh weather conditions, and a complete sound attenuation kit reduces the generator’s noise levels. A ‘Quick Fit’ oil evacuation device is also available for faster and cleaner oil changes.


    The C1000D6RE, which weighs in at 69,000 pounds with fuel, is fitted with a front-end stabiliser and mobile air-ride to lessen the effects of travel and reduce potential downtime.


    The C1000D6RE can be used in a variety of large-scale sectors that require rental power, such as construction sites, emergency power, large-scale events, industrial facilities, and utilities in distant or urban areas.



    Increased Renewable Energy Integration: The use of renewable energy sources, notably solar and wind energy, has increased significantly in the mix of energy sources used to generate electricity.Large-scale solar and wind farms are now being built all over the country because to legislation that are supportive of them and the falling costs of renewable energy sources.


    Solutions for Energy Storage: The creation of cutting-edge energy storage technologies, such lithium-ion batteries, has accelerated.By storing excess electricity and releasing it when demand is high or renewable generation is low, energy storage devices assist in addressing the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources.


    Grid-Interactive Buildings: The idea of grid-interactive buildings is gaining popularity. These structures can produce and store energy in addition to consuming power.To maximize energy utilization and communicate with the power grid, these buildings are fitted with intelligent controls, cutting-edge sensors, and energy management systems.


    Distributed energy resources, such as rooftop solar panels, small wind turbines, and combined heat and power systems, are receiving more attention.Since these resources are positioned nearer where they will be used, transmission losses are decreased, and grid resilience is increased.


    Power generation is becoming more automated and digitalized, enabling real-time monitoring, management, and optimization of power plant operations. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics are being utilized to predict maintenance requirements, enhance overall productivity, and optimize plant performance.


    Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Carbon capture and storage technologies are gaining popularity as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel power facilities. These systems either use the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power plants for better oil recovery or for underground storage.  


    Microgrids and grid resilience: Power grids are being constructed to increase their dependability and resilience. This includes the creation of microgrids, which are small-scale power systems that can run separately from or in tandem with the larger grid. Microgrids can increase grid resilience in the face of severe weather or other interruptions.


    Transportation electrification: Power generation is being impacted by the electrification of transportation, notably the adoption of electric vehicles.In order to facilitate broad EV charging, utilities and power corporations are building infrastructure, which calls for more electricity generating and management capabilities.


    Advanced Gas Turbines: The efficiency and emissions of gas turbines used in thermal power plants are being enhanced. Natural gas is being used to generate electricity in a cleaner and more efficient manner thanks to improvements in combustion technology, materials, and turbine design.


    Grid flexibility and demand response: Through demand response initiatives, power networks are becoming more adaptable and responsive. In order to balance the system and prevent blackouts, these programs incentivize consumers to cut back on or alter their electricity usage during times of high demand.



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