Global Wood Chipper Market 2022-2027

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    A wood chipper is a machine that breaks down hardwood (usually tree limbs or branches) produce thinner woody biomass. They are frequently movable, with wheels placed on frames suitable for towing behind a vehicle or van.


    The gasoline engine produces power ranging from 2 to 700 kilowatts. There are indeed increased chipping variants that are installed on tractors and run by a separate engine. Those versions are frequently equipped with a hydrodynamic cranes.


    Each chipper is made up of a feeder, a chipping machinery, and a wood shavings collection container. Wood chippers can also be used to move wood chips from one location to the another.


    This same drums crusher, disk chopper, and screw chipper are the three main types of wood chippers. The very same components are found in all chain saws. The essential components of all wood chippers are the same.


    An engine, usually electricity or gasoline, powers a gearbox with v-belts including rollers which thus connect to blades or rollers that chop, slice, mulching, or process the hardwood.


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    It receives, depending on the size and type of the material. Most have two chutes for the finished product: one for wood shavings and another for mulching. The greater the engine’s size, the larger the stems it really can accommodate.


    These are excellent for gardeners and landscapers who reside in areas where it is prohibited to have rubbish collectors pick up or openly burn waste. The chips that are created can be utilized as pathways, in flower beds, or as compost.



    The growing need for hardwood in a variety of sectors, particularly furniture, building, and paper production, is expected to increase demand for wood chipper equipment, which are used to process the wood required in these businesses.


    Urbanization process throughout the world has resulted in the destruction of vast forest lands, creating many potential prospects for the industry. Additionally, the simplicity with which wood grinders may be used in residential and commercial applications.


    This also includes horticulture and farming which is expected to enhance market growth in the residential applications. Modern building developments on the edges of cities and towns are projected to result in rapid splitting and slicing of plants and trees, hence increasing interest for hardwood shredder equipment.


    Furthermore, there is an increase in the usage of the hardwood chipper equipment is likely to be driven by organic amendment and maintenance, agriculture, nature conservation, and substrates for crop production.


    The expected to drive the growth for hardwood chipper machines from amusement parks and botanical gardens due to the necessity to reshape and trimmed.


    The various branches inside the grounds to preserve the appearances is expected to boost the industry’s expansion. Drum wood chippers and disc wood chippers dominate the industry. Additional types of wood chippers including high starting torque type screws lumber cutting tools.


    A increase in the number of contracts signed among machinery makers and consumer consumers is expected to create a range of opportunities. Increased consumption in businesses that are using hardwood as a raw resources, such as paper and pulp and furniture, is projected.



    The Global Wood Chipper Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.

    By Application

    • Residential Application
    • Commercial Application
    • Industrial Application
    • Hybrid Application


    By Product Type

    • Drum based Chipper
    • Disc Based Chipper
    • Hybrid Chipper


    By Connectivity Type

    • Conventional Fuel Based Chipper
    • Electric based Chipper


    By Operational Focus Type

    • Forestry
    • Biomass Production
    • Paper Production
    • Pulp Processing Industry
    • Construction Industry
    • Timber and Hardwood Production
    • Sawmills Production


    By Architecture Type

    • New Installation
    • OEM Requirements
    • Serving and Maintenance
    • Solutions Services


    By Regional Classification

    • Asia Pacific Region – APAC
    • Middle East and Gulf Region
    • Africa Region
    • North America Region
    • Europe Region
    • Latin America and Caribbean Region



    Hardwood scrappers are a perfect complement to any landscape design gear inventory. Wood chippers and hardwood chipper/shredders seem to be good investments for getting rid of normal landscaping care detritus.


    Branches, branches, and twigs may be rapidly changed into something useful for either plant bed coverage or composted. Within the equipment, the Drum scrappers have a big, motor-driven drum. Drums can draw materials in just before chopping it and guiding it to the right chute.


    Drum-style scrappers are fast, but they are noisy and must be used with caution. Operators may supply with caution to avoid bottlenecks and blockages. Torsion roller, a novel development, are a typical part of electricity chippers.


    Electric grinders are often chosen by householders because they are cleaner than gas-powered shredders. These bearings ground the substance but instead of cutting it.


    This extraction process, accompanied by the cutting and crushing operation of something like the edges as well as the discharge of materials, generates not just to loudness but then also vibration, which is something the ear detects.


    With new gas-powered hardwood scrappers generally emit 110 decibels of noise, which is 10 decibels louder than a saw. Although rechargeable versions are often calmer their gas-powered equivalents, with an average sound level of 85 decibels, they are still deemed powerful enough even to necessitate ear protection.


    Drum scrappers have the benefit of having the very same speed of the blades from across drums. As a result, drum scrappers may generate more uniform wood chips than disc chippers.




    With the production debut of the BC200 brush chipper, the first Vermeer machine wholly designed in the Netherlands, Vermeer team members in Goes have reason to rejoice. It will be the first chipper model with a gasoline engine in Europe. In Europe, diesel is traditionally preferred; but, as pollution standards change and the cost of Stage V diesel increases, the market is shifting in this way.


    The BC200 is designed with special features that encourage user-friendly operation, high efficiency, and operator safety in accordance with the most recent safety criteria. It also provides excellent maintenance access and transportability.


    Altec has announced the release of a wood chipper that has all of the basic capabilities found on the DC610, as well as a slew of new features and benefits. These additional capabilities will benefit operators whose job sites and applications necessitate a tiny, user-friendly machine.


    While keeping the 610-inch feed opening, an eight-blade feed roller design enables for smooth operation for all types and sizes of material. The transition zone between the feed roller and the cutting disc has been modified to improve chipping productivity.


    The drive belt and clutch on the DSC6 are automatically protected. If a disc jam is detected, this feature automatically switches off the engine to prevent harm to the machine. The newly designed DSC6 is an excellent choice for operators looking for a compact, easy-to-operate machine that can handle a big volume of garbage.




    Growth of the market for wood material using it as a renewable propellant is expected to propel the market for various varieties of grinders, such as drums, wheel, or screws wood cutting tools, throughout the world.


    Furthermore, the increasing use of woody biomass as just a raw material to produce wood products is likely to have an influence on the wood chipper industry. Over through the projection timeframe, advancements in the worldwide forestry sector are likely to drive demand for a diverse range of wood chippers.


    The high need for wood chipped machinery in a variety of sectors, particularly paper production, forestry, and furniture, for chipping unprocessed timber is expected to boost the market.


    Terex is part of the growing needs and requirements focused on better and optimised performance in the wood chipping and forestry industries across the global market. It has brought in the portfolio of 400 and 700 Series wooden chippers into the market.


    This small and dependable drum chipper outperforms other drum chippers besides up to 50% on a constant basis and also has a maximum output capacity of 120 tons per hour. CBI drum scrappers are function devices that are tailored towards each consumer’s business requirements.


    Several rotor configurations generate high-quality combustion pieces with bespoke sizes ranging from 12–25mm or “micro-chips” with sizes ranging from 2–12mm from wood down to 24″ in diameter.


    Aside from that, the Magnum Force 754 Disc Chipper is a portable machine that offers the pulp and paper sector an economically productive professional discs hardwood shredder. Capable of generating upwards to 150 tons of homogeneous wood shavings each 60 minutes


    Vermeer is part of the increasing global drive towards efficient and better optimised market of wood chippers integrating better technologies. The Series of wood Chippers have been part of the equipment, which has mechanically loaded capacities and a 173-hp (123-kW) Tractor diesel generator, would operate effectively in huge ground activities or on a remote worksite.


    The AX19 has a pull-in force of up to 12,000 lb (5443.1kg) and the proprietary Smart Crush control system, enabling users can input large-diameter trunks or facility-based branches with little effort.


    While manually feeding, the fixed threaded rod tabletop structure and enlarged infeed aperture provide the operator with increased strength and reliability.


    The shredders When fitted with the winch option, the winch may be used even without the booms, which can then be readily detached but with only six bolts. Whenever withdrawn, it allows operators to supply the shredder manually even without winches construction interference also with intake.



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