Global Automotive Pumps Market 2024-2030

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    Among the IC engine powered cars to achieve high fuel efficiency and among BEVs and PHEVs to enhance the overall performance of the vehicle pumps play an important role in various vehicle systems. Pumps in automobiles are used in several systems such as steering, fuel, coolant, transmission and lubrication. Increasing demand for environment friendly solutions has developed the need for high performing pumps.


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    Automotive Pumps Market By Pump Type

    • Fuel Pump
    • Transmission Pump
    • Water Pump
    • Steering Pump
    • Fuel Injection Pump
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Windshield Washer Pump


    Automotive Pumps Market By Technology

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical


    Automotive Pumps Market By Vehicle Type

    • Passenger Vehicle
    • Commercial Vehicle
    • Two Wheeler


    Automotive Pumps Market By Geography

    • US
    • Europe
    • China
    • India
    • ROW




    SI No Timeline Developments
    1 Q4-2021 The advancement of automobile engines and the deployment of hybrid and electric vehicles in the market are increasing the automotive pumps demand.
    2 Q4-2021 American automotive parts supplier Dayco Products expands its thermal management solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles and also for some suitable ICE vehicles by the introduction of electric water pumps or e-pumps, available in the EMEA region.
    3 Q3-2021 The Indian government announced it will provide incentives to industries for both automobile and automotive components manufacturers under the auto components PLI Scheme. The scheme will incentivize modern technologies of automotive components such as automatic transmission, electric vacuum pump, EV parts, sensors, ECUs and many more.


    Automakers are constantly emphasizing on curbing the carbon emissions, in order to ensure compliance with changing regulatory norms. The use of high pressure fuel pumps will reduce the carbon emission considerably. This is a crucial factor helping to expand the pumps market.




    Among different types of pumps fuel pump and fuel injection pump occupies the largest market share. Stricter emission norms across the world will boost the fuel injection pump market. Among fuel injection pump, direct injection holds the highest market share.


    Among gasoline engines Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) system is more accurate and can achieve higher power and efficiency. In diesel engines Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) is most commonly found technique.          


    The steering pump is concentrated only in the commercial vehicles segment. The Electric Power Steering (EPS) has overshadowed the hydraulic power steering pumps in the passenger car segments. EPS has replaced steering pumps in every top selling cars of the top market region.


    The transmission pumps (gear pumps) are extensively used in the automatic transmission vehicles as they feed the oil to torque converter and the transmission cooler.


    The below info graphic shows the market share of different automotive pumps:






    Mechanical automotive pumps are slowly phasing out due to their poor energy efficiency and higher fluid leaks. Electric automotive pumps occupy higher market share and continuous development in the technology is driving this segment.


    The electrical pumps independent of engine operations can be controlled with higher precision. Owing to these characteristics electrically operated pumps are in demand type of pumps.




    Passenger cars hold the highest market share. However electrification means it will automotive pumps penetration gets limited to steering and transmission segments. But the light and heavy commercial vehicles continue mostly to be IC engine powered. Hence the fuel and fuel injection pumps market remains steady.




    Every top selling car except for Ford F150 and Toyota Rav4 in US features direct injection fuel pump. Ford F150 and Rav4 are equipped with dual injection fuel pump (direct and port).




    Stringent emission norm is propelling the growth of fuel pumps in the region. Most of the top selling cars come with direct fuel injection pump rather than multi point fuel injection.




    The top selling cars come with direct fuel injection pumps. Nissan Sylphy and Volkswagen Lavida are exception as they feature dual injection technology.




    The stricter emission norms released with the implementation of BS-VI engines, will increase the demand for cleaner engines to be produced thus propelling the pumps market. Most of the top selling cars come with multi point fuel injection for petrol and CRDI for diesel engines.



    Automotive Pumps Market


    Automakers are trying constantly to produce light weight pump system so as to increase the fuel efficiency of the cars by reducing the overall weight particularly in the high performance vehicle segment.


    Ongoing rapid transformation towards the electric vehicles will stunt the growth of the automotive pumps sector. The incompatibility of pumps in the absence of engine it will encourage the automakers to find new ways of adoption. Thus the continuous research in this field is expected to boost the market.




    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 Q4-2021 Aeromotive Automotive fuel delivery components supplier Aeromotive, introduced new drop-in fuel pump module design in both dual and triple pump configuration for the Camaro, Cadillac ATS-V And CTS-V models.
    2 Q4-2021 Gates Gates manufactures aftermarket automotive parts in specific fluid power and power transmission solutions, and introduced its new ThermalPro Electric Water Pump(EWP) technology for the OEM and aftermarket automotive applications.
    3 Q3-2021 CRP Industries High quality automotive replacement parts producer CRP Industries introduced Rein Water Pump Kit P/N WPU0016, developed with updated components for the 2 liter TSI gasoline engine vehicles of Volkswagen and Audi for the longer service life.


    • Tesla’s latest Model Y cars are equipped with the heat pump replacing the resistive heating system. This will help warm up vehicle quickly and also increases the range during cold conditions.
    • Pierburg subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG has been awarded by leading US automaker to supply oil and tandem pump, an order worth 140 million €.
    • Sogefi is supplying engine coolant pumps to Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo cars.
    • Marzocchi Pompe of Italy has launched a new range of transmission pumps under the name ELIKA with latest micro gear technology.
    • Ashok Leyland has developed world’s first inline fuel pump driven engine for commercial vehicles.




    Delphi Technologies launches innovative redesigned fuel pump module and announces product line expansion.Delphi Technologies presented new aftermarket fuel handling improvements, confirming its sustained leadership in North America.


    The company plans to introduce 300 new gasoline handling part numbers, including more than 70 first-to-market parts, and an additional 400 new parts. These additions assist Delphi Technologies clients in remaining on the cutting edge of coverage in gasoline handling parts, regardless of the vehicle that enters their garage.


    Customers of Delphi Technologies can anticipate complete sales coverage in this sector thanks to the more than 2,000 part numbers in its fuel handling programme. With expectations for a 20 percent expansion, the corporation has already grown its fuel handling offering by more than 10%. 


    The company’s OE experience is reflected in the new numbers, which feature more than 70 first-to-market items. The product line includes fuel modules, electric fuel pumps, mechanical fuel pumps, hanger assemblies, fuel strainers, feed pumps, in-line solenoid pumps, gasoline direct injection (GDi) pumps and accessories.


    These fuel handling components come in redesigned, more robust packaging with labelling that is easier to read and has the Delphi Technologies trademark. In order to reduce the danger of damage during shipping, modules and hangers are shielded inside the box by a brand-new pillow-pack encapsulating sheath.


    By providing training sessions, expanding its selection with new GDi pumps, and introducing testing tools, Delphi Technologies strengthened its OE credentials in GDi systems. In the company’s aftermarket portfolio, there are more than 100 GDi pumps with both domestic and import coverage.


    Delphi Technologies, a top producer of OE GDi technology, can offer the equipment and knowledge required to identify and fix this intricate system. At AAPEX, the business unveiled a functional prototype of the new Hartridge Excalibur GDi Master, its first test apparatus created for petrol systems.


    The Excalibur provides thorough injector testing with unambiguous pass/fail criteria, making diagnosis and replacement simple. It can test at high pressures and high flow rates in accordance with OE specifications.


    Delphi Technologies provides practical training courses on a variety of subjects, including diagnosing and fixing fuel systems, to assist customers’ enterprises with a full service solution. Senior professors teach the classes, which are updated to include the newest technologies.


    For instance, professionals can learn how GDi systems operate and how to repair them in the advanced fuel systems course.


    GDi systems are one of the areas of vehicle servicing that are expanding the quickest. With videos on how to detect injector misfires, identify the components needed for a GDi repair, deal with vapour lock, and more, they can also learn from the comfort of their own home or garage thanks to the Delphi Technologies YouTube channel.


    Delphi Technologies has also been able to launch a warranty reduction campaign in the category as a whole because of its reputation in fuel handling and OE competence.


    As part of its teaching programme, it provides a gasoline tank cleaning kit solution to help professionals understand the importance of cleaning the tank to prevent contamination-related comebacks.


    The Car Care Council and Motorist Assurance Programme (MAP) have supported the significance of tank cleaning, and Mitchell1 and Epicor have been updated to reflect this.




    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 Q4-2021 Global The electric automotive pumps are in higher demand due to high energy efficiency than the mechanical pumps.
    2 Q3-2021 Aisin Drivetrain Japan based manufacturer of automotive and heavy equipment parts Aisin Drivetrain to expand its operations in Jackson Country for the electrification of vehicles to enhance fuel efficiency of electric water pump (EWP) and commercial transmissions.
    3 Q3-2021 Aisin Drivetrain Aisin invested $55 million for the manufacturing operations to produce automotive components such as power steering columns, electric water pump (EWP), commercial transmissions and many more.
    4 Q1-2021 ADVIK Hi-Tech Leading automotive components supplier ADVIK Hi-Tech acquired Hanon Bangalore Operations Pvt Ltd from the South Korean company Hanon Systems. The acquisition will increase the market share of ADVIK by adding Hanon’s products of water pumps and vacuum pumps for the automotive applications on a global level.


    The manufacturers are making new range of fuel pumps to provide high fuel efficient engines which has higher flow rate of fuel to the engine and also equipped new valve to prevent fuel overfill. The advent of automatic transmission has led to development of auxiliary electric transmission pumps.


    The leading companies manufacturing automotive pumps are Johnson Electric (Hong Kong), Denso (Japan), Delphi (UK), SHW (Germany), Aisin Seiki (Japan) and Rheinmetall AG (Germany). Sogefi from Italy are leading the production of transmission pumps.

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