Global Automotive Seat Actuators Market 2022-2027

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    When a mechanism or a system is moved or controlled, the actuator is accountable for it. You may use this to turn energy into torque. It needs a control signal and a power supply to work. Any of these signals can be used as a control signal. Seat actuation systems in automobiles assist adjust the seat to the driver’s comfort. Seats in cars were formerly adjusted by hand by the occupant. As technology advanced, the electric seat was created, whereby the seat is automatically adjusted by pressing a button.


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    The application of electronics to car seats, including small gear motors or actuators, is offering users interesting, automated movements. Now, electrically adjustable seats can be adjusted following new patterns and offering greater control to the driver. The search for the maximum personalisation for each of the seat’s positions, length, height, and tilt, has become a trend. Multicontour dynamic chairs on the other hand are utilised to enhance comfort.


    Through the use of air chambers, these chairs can be instantly adjusted to the user’s height. These gadgets already have the latest in massage technology, which use air chambers, for enhanced comfort. By using actuators and electromagnetic valves, these chambers may be filled or emptied, resulting in a sequential massage. According to the side G force encountered by the vehicle, gear motors built inside Multicontour seats modify left and right-side bolsters. Due to the reduced G force, while entering curves slower, the system uses an integrated motion mechanism to enhance the side support.


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    When it comes to seats, actuators are utilised to modify lumbar support systems as well as seat positions, angles, and seat track actuators, to name a few applications. For example, geared motors for reclining seats, double output shaft track drives, and linear actuators for height and tilt adjustments are all available on the market.  Market growth is to be driven by an increase in sales of SUVs and high-end cars globally.


    As building and mining activities increase, as does the disposable income of consumers, the market for automobile seat actuation systems in APAC is expected to develop at a rapid pace. Automobile seat actuator systems are in high demand in APAC, where a large number of vehicle manufacturers dominate the market. BMW and Mercedes-Benz sales in Europe are also projected to grow in the next few years.


    There is a rise in the sales of Cadillac and Lincoln in North America, along with Acura and Infiniti in Japan. As a result of the increasing demand from rich individuals, luxury car manufacturing rates are high in the region. As China’s population evolves, luxury automobiles are becoming more popular. Due to the growing demand from rich individuals, luxury car production in the region is significant. ESAS is widely used in these high-end and luxury automobiles. Demand and acceptance of automobile seat actuation systems will likewise rise as a result of this development. Automobile sales in Asia-Pacific are on the rise because people are increasingly seeking social status and have more disposable income. Many of these automobiles include seat actuation systems. Passenger automobile seat actuation systems will benefit from this.





    The Global Automotive Seat Actuators Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.


    By Technology Type

    • Electric Based Actuators
    • Manual based Actuators


    By EV System Type

    • Bucket Seat Based System
    • Bench Seat System
    • Split Bench System



    By Upholstry Material Type

    • Fabric Based
    • Synthetic Leather Based
    • Genuine Leather based
    • Steel Based


    By Regional Classification

    • Asia Pacific Region – APAC
    • Middle East and Gulf Region
    • Africa Region
    • North America Region
    • Europe Region
    • Latin America and Caribbean Region



    Automotive seat is used to give comfort to the person who is driving. The cushioning agent is especially important when considering that moving cars can transmit vibrations near the human spine’s resonant frequency of 3 Hz. The base can usually be moved forward and back on metal railings and may move up and down to adjust to different body types.


    When it comes to seat actuation systems, passenger comfort is the first consideration. In order to get the correct position, all elements of the seat must be changed concurrently, including the footrest, leg rest, and recline axes In a compact, lightweight size, The brush- and brushless DC coreless motors operate seat actuators effectively, reliably and with a high torque. These brushless and brush DC coreless motors deliver increased levels of precision, smooth and simultaneous seat motion, and reduced system noise via quiet-operation actuators.

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    There has been a considerable level of development which induces reduced weight lowers fuel consumption and high-power density reduces package size. The Gearhead option increases torque output and lowers motor diameter with custom designs capable of withstanding harsh environments. They are becoming more complicated as they take on more duties and face similar problems to body control modules, such as the need to satisfy requirements for power and communication as well as the need to fulfil actuation and controls and quiescent current goals. As part of the design process, integration of functions is crucial in order to manage seat control modules in the shortest area and with the lowest power consumption and low quiescent current possible




    In Automobiles, Seat is a very important part. The standard car seat is designed to support thighs, the buttocks, lower and upper back, and head support. The front driver and passenger seats of most vehicles have three main parts: the seat back (squab), seat base (cushion), and the headrest. vehicle seats were adjusted manually by the occupant of the seat. Later, with the advancements in technology, electric seats came into existence, wherein by pressing a button, the seat gets adjusted automatically.


    Robert Bosch LLC has been involved in development of varied levels of Seat Drives systems integrated with Actuator and motor control requirements at varied levels of compliance. It has offered varied ranges of lightweight and compact drives for fast and comfortable seat adjustment: Gearless variants, one- and two-stage gear motors as well as versions with spindle or planetary gear arrangement. Combining the motor and gear unit into one item saves weight and reduces the space requirement. It has used the comfort actuators within the drive systems for better quality and functionality, low noise emissions, compact and lightweight design, and flexible installation options.


    Faurecia is completely integrated into provisioning smart systems of operations within the market requirements. As part of the cockpit systems, the smart actuation technologies from Faurecia are completely integrated. Many different scenarios and demands are covered, as well as compliance with integrated seatbelt systems as well as levels 3-4 of autonomous vehicle standards, including takeover control and returning to driving. The seamless stop-and-start and noise reduction capabilities, as well as precise passenger position recognition and compatibility with low H points, are responsible for the improved performance and perceived quality for vehicle occupants.





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