Global Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market 2022-2027

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    Published- Sep 2020

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    1. Asia accounts for ~70% of global automotive electric HVAC compressor production followed by Europe
    2. The compressor performance of an electrically driven compressor is higher than the belt-driven compressor by about 15 to 54%
    3. Fuel reduction percentage by the electrically driven compressor to the belt-driven compressor is about 5 to 14%
    4. HVAC compressor with 30-60 cc cooling capacity is most preferred in Europe whereas China and Japan market is dominated by 14-30 cc segment
    5. Europe, the current market leader in terms of volume, holds XX% market share. But by 2027, China will be the biggest contributor to the Global automotive electric HVAC compressor market with XX%
    6. 350-400V battery packs on EVs have become a norm and scroll compressors on these EVs have 20-33cc cooling capacity
    7. In 2019, US and Japan had the highest Automatic AC penetration of ~73% and ~93% respectively. Multi-zone climate control penetration is high in the US, Europe and China but almost negligible in India, Indonesia and Latin America
    8. The average B-2-B HVAC per vehicle varies from $175 to $500 depending on the type of HMI( HVAC control), module and vent design differ as per vehicle segment and body type (including all types of a passenger vehicle)
    9. The average profit margin in EV HVAC is ~XX% higher than conventional HVAC module due to the higher price of the compressor
    10. Discrete insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) with gate driver integrated circuits (ICs) reduce printed circuit board trace length and component count, simplifying designs.
    11. Full length, D segment BEVs like Tesla Model S and 3 have 33cc compressors whereas popular PHEVs have 20/27cc compressors
    12. Sanden will be launching its  4th generation 800V – 45cc electric compressor. Also in 2024 Sanden is expected to launch the 4th generation 48V – 33cc electric compressor.
    13. The 14-30 cc segment compressor is present in  higher volumes as more number of Toyota PHVs are sold across the globe, therefore the growth rate will be significantly higher
    14. The upcoming electric van segment in Europe is also likely to employ 33cc compressors
    15. BEV+ PHEVs from EU and US brand are likely to grow at a much higher rate than the Chinese brands. 
    16. This is also one of the reasons why >30cc segment will grow at a much faster rate
    17. Toyota Industries Corporation( the global market leader) was the first to develop and mass-produce continuous variable displacement compressors in 1995 and mass produce electric compressors in 2003. 
    18. In November 2021, Rheinmetall won a major contract for electric air conditioner compressors, newly developed especially for electric vehicles with production starting from 2023.
    19. Sanden via its European subsidiary has established a sizeable presence in the Premium Electric vehicle market in Europe
    20. Brose is currently one of the very few electric HVAC compressor suppliers with local software development competence in China
    21. Sanden Huayu Automotive partnered with ROHM Semiconductor to accelerate the technical development and innovation in the automotive sector for electric HVAC systems.
    22.  Hanon systems announced the launch of a new, eco-friendly, innovative refrigerant-based R744 heat pump for Volkswagen. 
    23. Mitsubishi will expand the production of electric AC compressors at its Thailand plant. This batch of e-compressors is expected to cater to the US & Europe markets
    24. In Thailand’s Siam Compressor Industry (managed by Mitsibushi) the plant is expected to increase its scroll compressor production from 745,000 units to 870,000. The factory will increase production beginning in October 2022. 
    25. The total amount invested in this project is ~18 Million USD
    26. MAHLE announced the launch of a new high voltage PTC heater for electric vehicles which helps in extending the vehicle’s cruising range.
    27. Sanden announced to start collaboration on  research and development with Nidec for automotive thermal management system
    28. In Japan, among the Nissan models only the BEV and few of the PHEV models were equipped with electric compressor
    29. Similarly in Mitsubishi and Honda cars the hybrid variants were installed with electric compressor
    30. Toyota Industries Corporation is the present global market leader with ~XX% market share followed by Hanon systems with ~XX% market share
    31. Mahle has developed a High voltage electric compressor developed according to ASPICE standards. 
    32. It is of lightweight aluminum scrolls with high efficiency over a wide speed range
    33. Highly Marelii Holdings is a new Joint Venture between Shanghai Highly & Marelli Holdings. The JV will focus on NEV Thermal Management Products such as air-conditioning compressor.  
    34. Currently, Highly holds a 60% stake, which includes Saitama-based Marelli’s automotive air-conditioning compressors and air-conditioning system assets.
    35. The headquarters will be located in Shanghai, China. The JV will work towards specialization in cabin comfort, and particularly in the development of electrification of compressors and heating, ventilation and air conditioning and electric-driven compressor systems.
    36. Aote New thermal energy is the regional market leader in the Electric HVAC market in China with XX%-XX% market share and supplying to all major Chinese OEMs like BYD, XX and YY 
    37. Tesla has been sourcing E-compressors from Hanon systems for all 3 models but now it is diversifying to including the Chinese supplier XX. The US market size expansion will depend heavily on Tesla`s volumes
    38. In 2019, MAHLE’s electric air conditioning compressor won at the CLEPA Innovation Awards
    39. The Mahle’s e-compressor in HVAC systems, is responsible for the air conditioning of the critical component in the electric vehicle’s powertrain: its battery. 
    40. This keeps the battery at the right temperature makes a crucial impact on its service life and charging speed as well as on the cruising range of the electric vehicle.
    41. Renault and Nissan also source Electric compressor for their EVs from XX
    42. In June 2021, Hisense completed the acquisition of Japanese automotive thermal management systems manufacturer Sanden Group Holdings
    43. The transaction was valued at $195 Million
    44. Hanon Systems expanded its  Gen 4 e-Compressor production lines in EUrope and China
    45. The plant at Palmela, Portugal is expected to increase the production volume from 1 Million units in 2021 to 2.6 Million Units in 2025 a 150% increase in 5 years
    46. The production volumes are expected to rise from 0.3 Million Units to 1.1 Million units in the period 2021-2025, a 300% growth is expected in this period. The plant is located in the biggest EV market in China at Dalian





    Heating , Ventilation and Cooling(HVAC) of a car is a major criterion in a buyer`s purchasing experience as it has a direct effect on the cabin comfort and overall driving experience.


    Till early 2000`s, >97% of cars produced had reciprocal compressors, which sapped engine power to compress the intake ambient air. But, now as the industry progresses towards fuel efficient and electrified cars, electric/scroll compressors are getting prominence.



    1. infographic: Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor MarketSize, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Trends, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Forecast, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Risks, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Report, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market ShareThe first shift from the reciprocating compressor to E-compressor started happening in the 2012-2013 time frame when European luxury car manufacturers started using it in their luxury cars to improve fuel economy by 2-3%.

      More than E-compressor, the market was driven towards a variable displacement compressor, which was in line with the growth in other ancillaries like variable displacement oil pump and electric coolant pump.


      At that point of time, the volume shift was driven by fuel economy benefits and vehicle electrification trend but the reach was limited to higher segment cars. The move to e-compressor gained real momentum only after 2015, when sales of low-cost Chinese branded electric vehicles in China started growing by 100%.

    2. To know more about Global Electric Coolant Pump Market , read our report



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    SI no Timeline Company Developments
    1 March 2022 Hanon Systems Hanon Systems launched a new plant in Hubei, China. The new plant will manufacture HVAC modules for electrified vehicles.
    2 November 2021 Hanon Systems Hanon systems have inaugurated the new manufacturing site for producing components for eco-friendly vehicles in Korea.
    3 September 2021 Hanon Systems Hanon Systems, a global leader provider of automotive thermal and energy management solutions has announced the new greenfield production facility in Pecs and building expansion in Retsag.
    4 March 2021 Hanon Systems The construction of the 5th manufacturing plant of Hanon Systems has begun in Korea.
    1. In EVs, the use of air conditioners and other electronic components has a significant impact on the cruising distance.
    2. To address the issue Sanden will combine its air-conditioning expertise with Nidec’s traction motor and inverter expertise to accelerate the development and commercialization of an integrated thermal management system for air-conditioning and drive systems for future electric vehicles.
    4. Denso included its first electric compressors into the product line-up first in 2012. Denso was responsible for the world’s first mass-produced electric compressor with an integrated inverter and motor.
    5. In terms of e-compressors for passenger cars they were first installed in Ford’s Focus electric vehicle in 2012. Denso has been the world’s largest OE supplier of A/C compressors.  As per the company, its thermal management technologies including engine cooling is fitted as original equipment to almost 25% of European cars.
    6. infographic: Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor MarketSize, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Trends, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Forecast, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Risks, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Report, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Share
    7. The market for electric HVAC systems will be directly proportional to the growth experienced by the development and sales of electric vehicles. New programs with incentives for the production of electric vehicles by governments and other investors will drive the growth of the industries that supply automotive components and systems. 
    8. For instance, in June 2020, Germany announced a stimulus plan worth EUR 130 billion with approximately EUR 8 billion for the support of electric vehicle sales and manufacturing. In China, the subsidy program placed for the purchase of PHEV and battery EV has been extended to the year 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to support the automotive sector.
    10. In November 2019, Pierburg developed an “Electric Climate Compressor” driven by an electric motor. The new unit is of compact design so that it can fit in the usual installation spaces and serves the regular voltage levels HV2 and HV3. The three modules—mechanical compressor unit, electric motor and power electronics—are modularly integrated.
    11. Many solutions are needed for e-mobility, and MAHLE is leading the way. Of terms of both cost and performance, the battery is one of the most significant components in an electric car. Its importance is thus comparable to that of the internal combustion engine, and it requires just as much attention.
    12. Maintaining the proper battery temperature affects not just the battery’s service life, but also how quickly it can be charged and even the vehicle’s cruising range. You will get most out of your battery if the temperature is correctly regulated and the capacity is carefully managed.
    13. The MAHLE electric compressor is already at the heart of the air conditioning and refrigerant circuit, ensuring that the proper cabin temperature is maintained.
    14. It is now a significant component in the e-mobility drive system, as it is at the centre of the battery cooling function, maintaining the correct battery temperature. Because if the battery performs well, e-mobility will as well, to the point where it can be seamlessly integrated into daily life.
    16. In China, EV Sales in 2020 witnessed continuous drop in sales over the 6 month period. Phasing out of subsidy for EVs and pandemic outbreak are the chief reasons for this.
    17. The Dual credit policy expected to replace the subsidy policy is estimated as the main driver of Chinese EV sales in the future. The EV sales are expected to make up about 25% of the new car sales in 2025 and the policy is estimated to play a crucial role in this.
    18. As the market is suffering from the shortage of semiconductor ships and electronics due to the pandemic the sales of vehicles in China declined by 17.8% in the month of August 2021 to 1.8 million vehicles sold. However, the demand for electric vehicles is on a rise and creating a difficult situation for OEMs to manufacture vehicles with the ongoing semiconductor shortage. 
    19. The company BYD received orders for plug-in EVs of over 60,508 units in the month of August which was a whopping increase from the previous months. The company has reported delivery of over 40,000 plug-in EVs in China during June of 2021 setting a record in the automobile sector. The units were 207% more than the units sold a year ago with plug-in vehicles constituting about 81% of the total sales of BYD.
    20. The sales of plug-in EV has surged in China as multiple models are being sold by several OEMs. June of 2021, alone recorded registration of 235,000 plug-in EVs which is approximately more than 160% compared to the year 2020. The market share has also increased to 15% where 12% are BEVs. For the year 2021, over 1.1 million EVs are sold which constitutes 11% of the total market with 9% BEVs.
    21. Post COVID, we are witnessing protectionist policies in auto component sourcing play out at a much higher level than before. As per recent announcement(3rd June 2020) GM is not planning on importing any major EV component and will source all of them domestically at competitive prices.
    22. In Europe, in Jan-May 2020, EV share of new car sales was 7.8% as compared to 3.6% in 2019(Full Year).Germany and France government have announced generous incentives for buying EVs only. In France, the incentives bring down the cost of a $ 40,000 EV to as much as $ 26,285 (when trading in older ICE cars).
    23. In Europe, the share of battery electric vehicles has increased to 7.6% in the first half of the year 2021 which is a significant increase from the year 2020 which saw an increase of only 4.3%.
    24. The EV sales in Europe saw a significant rise during the second quarter of 2021, the new car registrations from plug-in EV raised to 237,934 which was an increase by 157% year-over-year. There has been a total of over 1 million car registrations for plug-in EV in the year 2021 in Europe which constitutes 16% of the total market out of which 7.6% constitute BEVs
    25. The sales of electric vehicles increased by 50% in Iceland, 25% in Netherlands as well as 30% in Sweden. Norway reported a record high sales of electric cars of 75% which was about one-third from the year 2019. The United Kingdom has reached the number of registrations twice than the previous year to 176,000. Germany has registered 395,000 new electric cars as well as France registered more than 185,000.
    26. The Volkswagen group reported deliveries of more than 342,000 BEV as well as PHEV slit 50/50 in the second quarter of 2021. The figures have increased at a tremendous rate of over 260% for BEVs and 227% for PHEVs. They have sold the maximum number of cars in Europe acquiring 26% of the market share followed by the US and China for the year 2021.
    27. The BMW group has reported more than doubled the sales volume to 83,000 in the second quarter of 2021 and 153,000 in the first quarter of 2021. The share of the plug-in EVs has increased by a whopping 11.85% of the total BMW volume. With 36,089 BEVs and 117,178 PHEVs sold in the first half of the year 2021, the sales for the group has been up by 183.9% and 139.4% respectively during this year.
    28. The market in the USA has been considerably performing low after the pandemic, the automotive car market declined by 23% in 2020 however, the registrations of new EVs fell less than others. In the year 2020, new cars registered were about 295,000 out of which 78% were BEVs which was low fom 327,000 in March previous year.
    29. The market in Canada is recovering slowly, the new vehicles registered in Canada during the first quarter of the year 2021 was 11.8% more than in the same term of 2020, the electric vehicles saw an increase of 1.1% to 4.6%. In total across Canada the battery electric vehicles registered were 12,693, hybrids were 14,278 and plug-in hybrid vehicles were 4,592.
    30. In India, automakers that manufacture electric vehicles sold 121,170 units during the first half of the year 2021 which was a significant rise from the 119,647 units sold during the whole previous year 2020. Tata Nexon has consistently been the bestselling electric vehicle in the Indian market with sales of 1,022 units in the month of June which was an increase of 234% year-on-year.
    31. The automotive component and HVAC system manufacturing companies suffered due to the impact of the pandemic with revenue recorded less than the previous years.
    32. For instance, the company Hanon Systems recorded a revenue worth $5.7 billion in the year 2020, which was a decrease from the revenue recorded worth $6.02 billion in the year 2019. The plunge was attributed to the low demand and halt in the manufacturing activities globally.
    34. The present market size is driven by growing BEV sales in China but in Europe, it’s the replacement of Diesels by 48V Mild hybrids that are driving the market.
    35. In 2019, Shanghai Highly group witnessed an YoY increase of 7.4% in the Automotive HVAC market, as the sales volume reached 30,680,000 units. In case of electric scroll compressors, they achieved a sales volume of 188,100 units, 86.93% up on a YoY basis. Highly’s market share in new energy vehicles accounted for 15% with 7% points up on YoY basis.
    36. infographic: Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor MarketSize, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Trends, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Forecast, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Risks, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Report, Automotive Electric HVAC Compressor Market Share
    37. Reciprocal compressors are still the dominant HVAC technology for the automotive application, accounting for >70% of the market but the electric scroll compressors are expected to grow at more than XX% CAGR during next 5 years. To know more about Electric Vehicle HVAC market– read our report
    38. The global automotive electric HVAC compressor market size in terms of volume is estimated at XX Million units in 2021  growing at a XX% CAGR till 2027.

    SI no Timeline Company Developments
    1 December 2021 Brose Brose is presenting an integrated system for thermal management and for efficient climate control at the IAA Show in Munich.
    2 October 2021 Allegro Allegro microsystem has introduced the new A89307 automotive qualified  gate driver integrated circuit and it is designed for battery cooling fans and HVAC systems in hybrid and electric vehicles.
    3 June 2021 Tesla Tesla has been putting a lot more effort into improving the air quality inside its electric car and it has integrated the HEPA filter in its HVAC system inside some of its high-end electric cars.
    4 April 2021 MAHLE MAHLE has decided to offer workshops with a new MAHLE air conditioning service unit and get benefitted by their offers.
    • In August 2021, Brose announced the launch of a new system for thermal management for electric vehicles that increases the efficiency of the electric vehicle without reducing their range and comfort.
    • In April 2021, to enhance the quality of production Toyota Industries Corporation and Siemens came together to develop an AI that can predict product misbehaviour in aluminum die casting, an important process in automotive air conditioning compressor production
    • In February 2021, MAHLE announced the launch of a new high voltage PTC heater for electric vehicles which helps in extending the vehicle’s cruising range. The intelligent system uses heating elements and integrates the built-in electronics to continuously analyse the electrical resistance of the PTC elements in the heater to adjust the temperature.
    • In January 2021, the JV of Marelli Corporation K.K & Highly Group was officially established.
      • The JV is called “Highly Marelli” which will focus on developing HVAC solutions for customers and suppliers specifically in electrification of compressors, heat pump and heating, ventilation & air conditioning and electric driven compressor systems
    • Eaton’s Vehicle Group has developed a series of 48-volt technologies to assist its commercial vehicle customers transitioning from traditional 12- and 24-volt vehicle systems to systems that include 48-volt set-up.
      • An electrical engine cooling fan and electric air conditioning compressor are also under development
    • Hanon Systems’ Pyeongtaek plant in South Korea produced its 100 millionth compressor. The plant was established in 1991
    • In December 2020, Hanon systems announced the launch of a new, eco-friendly and innovative refrigerant based R744 heat pump for Volkswagen. The new system is designed primarily for electric vehicles which will enable consumption of low power even in sub-zero temperatures.
    • In December 2020, Toyota introduced the 2nd-generation Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle. It consists of electric air compressor pressurizes the intake air, and a water-cooled intercooler reduces the temperature of the compressed air before it enters the Fuel Cell stack
    • In October 2020, Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America invested about $5.5 million to expand its production facility in Georgia
      • They are currently manufacturing HVAC compressors for automotive applications.
      • They supply automotive compressors to various OEMs few being Toyota Motor Corporation, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors
    2. For hybrid vehicle application, Toyota Industries Corporation has created an electric compressor, DC-DC converter, rear inverter, and AC inverter. These components will be used in Toyota Motor Corporation’s upcoming Prius.
    3. This time, the electric compressor, DC-DC converter, and AC inverter are all smaller and lighter than those used in current Prius models. A forced air conditioning system is also used in the rear inverter that will be installed in the Prius’ first 4WD model.
    4. Toyota Industries is expanding measures for attaining a society with a decreased environmental impact through technological advancements in the environmental and energy domains, and this will contribute to the creation of ever-better Toyota cars that will make consumers happy.
    SI no Timeline Company Sales
    1 Q3-2021 Hanon Systems The third quarter revenue of Hanon Systems was KRW 1.7 billion and in the previous year the revenue was KRW 1.9 billion.
    2 H1-2021 MAHLE The half year sales of MAGLE  at the end of June was about €5.6 billion and in 2020 the sales was €4.27 billion.
    3 Q3-2021 Valeo At the end of the third quarter the total sales of Valeo was €3.9 billion and in 2020 the sales was €4.3 billion.
    4 Q3-2021 BorgWarner At the end of the  third quarter the net sales of BorgWarner was about $3.41 billion and in 2020 the net sales was $2.53 billion.
    1. About 72% of total automotive Electric HVAC compressors are manufactured in Asia. High technology maturity being the prime reason for that. Scroll compressors are fast replacing rotary compressors globally as well as in Asia.
    2. Since the average cost of an electric scroll compressor lies between $XX-$XX, the suppliers predominantly manufacture in high volumes in Asia and get it shipped to Europe and North America.
    4. The high scale protects the margin and the added burden of long distance transportation. As of now, most of the suppliers are working on reducing the weight and size of compressors to make it an easy fit for mild-hybrid architecture.
    6. The New compressor development by suppliers is focused on five major themes i.e. Efficiency, Flexibility, NVH, Eco Friendly refrigerant and cost.
    7. Toyota Industries Corporation recently announced the results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022 with net sales worth $5.6 billion which was a significant increase of 43.2% from the net sales for the same term of the fiscal year 2021 worth $3.9 billion.
    8. In April 2021, the company Sanden Huayu automotive partnered with ROHM Semiconductor. The partnership is set to accelerate the technical development and innovation in the automotive sector for electric HVAC systems in accordance with the needs of the customers.
    9. In September 2021, Hanon systems announced the expansion of the company by opening two manufacturing units in Hungary. The manufacturing units will provide manufacturing space for equipment including the brazing, forming , bending and welding operations and assembly lines for testing of automotive air conditioning lines.
    10. In May 2021, the company announced the acquisition of the condenser business from the company Keihin Corporation to expand the condenser technology of the company across Europe and North America as well as expand the customer base of the company.
    11. In March 2021, Hanon Systems announced the expansion of the company globally by developing its fifth manufacturing unit in Korea. The manufacturing unit is set to offer a variety of developmental solutions for heat pump modules as well as coolant valve assemblies which will complement the electric vehicles for the Genesis brand and the Hyundai Motor group’s Ioniq 5 model. 
    12. Brose Fahrzeugteile has been very active in producing e-compressor locally in China. Brose is currently one of the very few electric HVAC compressor supplier with local software development competence in China
    14. The design of these HVAC compressors is made in accordance with the local car manufacturers. 
    16. Sanden will combine its air-conditioning expertise with Nidec’s traction motor and inverter expertise to accelerate the development and commercialization of an integrated thermal management system for air-conditioning and drive systems for future electric vehicles.
    18. Sanden’s Yattajima factory in Japan is capable of producing 750,000 units of e-HVAC compressors
    20. In August 2019, Marelli, the subsidiary of Calsonic Kansei, entered into a partnership with Chinese firm Shanghai Highly Group expert for compressor manufacturing.
    21. The JV is between the JCH (Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning) and Highly group. This will allow Marelli with greater access to the Chinese market and strengthen its business in EDC for passenger vehicles. The JCH holds 25% of the JV and the total investment in the JV is $38 Million.
    23. In August 2018 MAHLE opened its first production plant for electric compressors in Balassagyarmat/Hungary. It started the production of e-compressors in 2019.
    25. In 2019, Marelli’s revenue from the HVAC & e-compressor division was ~$ 857M
    27. Valeo a leading thermal management system supplier gravitated towards the e-compressors, as a result of developing an Electrically Driven Compressors (EDC) in early 2017.In Q1-2020, thermal systems witnessed 1,000 million Euros business. South America witnessed higher sales in the Thermal Systems Group.
    29. Sanden Corporation
    30. Hanon Systems
    31. Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. Kg
    32. Mahle Behr GmbH
    33. Valeo S.A.
    34. Denso Corporation
    35. Panasonic Corporation
    36. Calsonic Kansei Corporation
    37. Toyota Industries Corporation
    38. Delphi Plc
    39. Shanghai Highly Group
    40. Pierburg GmBH
    42. The market size (both volume and value) of global electric HVAC compressor Market in 2021-2026, segmented by four categories
    43. Market share of electric compressor manufacturers
    44. Future growth strategy and upcoming products of compressor manufacturers
    45. Cost breakup of electric HVAC compressor
    46. Latest trends in automotive HVAC
    47. Impact of a trade war on electric HVAC compressor production
    48. Role of China in global electric HVAC compressor production and price
    49. The impact of Mobility as a Service on automotive component production
    50. Global Electric vehicle outlook for the next 5 years
    51. Impact of growth in electrified bus market on automotive electric HVAC compressor market
    52. To enquire about the report write to us at [email protected]
    1 Market Segmentation, Scope, Methodology and Definition 3-6
    2 Executive Summary 8-11
    3 Introduction 13-15
    4 Insights from Industry stakeholder 16
    5 An overview of global automotive HVAC market 17-19
    6 Upcoming EV platforms and HVAC system 20-21
    7 Disruptive innovations in EV HVAC market 22-24
    8 Cost breakdown of EV HVAC market by sub-components and average profit margin 24-25
    9 Global EV HVAC compressor manufacturing capacity, by region 25
    10 New product launches and ongoing developments 26
    11 Market Size ,Dynamics and Forecast By Geography 27-42
    12 Market Size ,Dynamics and Forecast By Application 44-54
    13 Market Size ,Dynamics and Forecast By Sub-components 56-65
    14 Market Size ,Dynamics and Forecast By Cooling capacity 66-75
    15 Competitive Landscape 76-78
    16 OEM-Supplier alignment for EV HVAC compressor market 79
    17 Company Profiles 81-88
    18 Unmet needs and opportunity for suppliers 90
    19 5 key predictions 91
    20 Conclusion 92-94
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