1. In China market,1,825 vehicle models are on sale as of March 2020, 41 out of top 50 best-selling vehicles either get Electric Parking brake(EPB) as standard or at-least as an option 
  2. In US Market, 484 vehicle models are on sale, 26 out of top 30 best-selling vehicles either get EPB as standard or at-least as an option
  3. In Europe Market, 560 vehicle models are on sale. A, B&C segment vehicles comprised ~48% of annual sales in 2019. EPB penetration was lowest in A segment vehicles
  4. The global auto production peaked in 2016-2017 and has been declining ever since and Corona virus(COVID-19) could further de-grow production volumes in 2020 but EPB market will remain relatively insulated


Electric parking brake is one of those features which has trickled down from higher segment cars to mass segment and can now be considered a bare minimum requirement across mid and high end segments globally.


BMW was the first OEM to offer electric parking brake in its 2002 model 7 Series, quickly followed by Volvo in 2006 and Audi in 2007. 


infographic: Electric Parking Brake Market, Electric Parking Brakes Market size, Electric Parking Brakes Market share, Electric Parking Brakes Market value, Electric Parking Brakes Market Forecast

Among the mass segment manufacturers, GM has been using electric parking brake on select models since 2009, PSA and VW since 2008, Mazda Since 2015 and Ford Since 2009.



The electric parking brake market was earlier driven by weight savings (which can range from 10lbs in compact cars to 20lbs in pickup trucks), cockpit enhancement and now vehicle electrification.


In terms of interior space, the absence of lever frees up space, which can be used to accommodate a bigger storage space or semi-autonomous feature in future, especially when vehicle refresh/new generation launch timelines have been declining globally.


A major issue plaguing the electric parking brake market globally is the amount of recalls issued in past 2-3 years owing to faulty gear, circuit board and software. The issues are particularly pronounced in the MY 2015-2016 manufactured vehicles affecting 5 or more platforms and ~ 0.8 Million vehicles.



Sl noTimelineRegionOEM(MY)ModelReason for recallNumber of vehicles affected
1Oct 2018-April-2019Australia, USSubaru(2010-2014) Liberty, Outbackfracture in the electronic parking brake circuit board~67,000
2May-2018MalaysiaToyotaAlphard and VellfireImproper programming of the ECU~1,900
3Nov-2017US & AustraliaToyota(2018) CHRSoftware issue~34,000
4July 2017UKVolkswagen(2016)Golf, Touran, Tiguan and PassatSoftware issue~135,000
5April-2017USTesla(2016) Model S and XA small gear in the parking brake~53,000
6Oct 2016GlobalToyota(2015-2016)
Prius Gasoline- Hybrid
Faulty actuator~340,000
7Oct 2016Japan, North AmericaHonda(2016)Honda CivicSoftware issue~350,000




Global Electric Parking Brake Market segmentation, global electric parking brake market, electric parking brake market share,electronic parking brake market



  • Among top-selling pickup trucks, Electric parking brake is now standard on Ford F-150 and RAM 1500 but not on Chevrolet Silverado
  • Honda offers Electric Parking Brake as a standard fitment on its best- sellers, Accord, Civic and CRV
  • In the Premium segment, the German trio (Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW) sell ~0.9-1 Million cars per annum in US and all have them have Electric Parking Brake as standard




  • As of March 2020, among the top 10 best-sellers, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Corsa, Mercedes A class and Ford Kuga get Electric parking Brake as standard
  • Volkswagen, the market leader with 12% market share offers Electric parking brake as standard on top-selling models like Passat, T-Roc, Tiguan but with the exception of Golf and Polo



infographic: Electric Parking Brake Market report, Electric parking brake market size, Electric parking brake market trends




In US and China, where average transaction prices of new cars was ~$34,500,000 and $21,700 respectively in 2019, 7 out of top 10 best-selling SUVs have Electric parking brake as a standard fitment across all variants. In China, the market leader of SUVs, Great Wall Motors owned Haval offers Electric parking brake as a standard fitment on its best-sellers H2 and H6.

As of March 2020, China has now overtaken Europe as world`s biggest Electric Parking brake market.


infographic: Electric Parking Brake Market, Electric Parking Brakes Market size, Electric Parking Brakes Market share, Electric Parking Brakes Market value, Electric Parking Brakes Market Forecast

Among the fast-growing EV segment, mass segment EVs like Nissan Leaf and Renault ZOE offer electric parking brake as optional, whereas Chevrolet Bolt and upcoming Corsa-e have it as a standard fitment.Going forward, we expect the electric parking brake to become fully integrated into the brake system with a common cable harness and sensor powering multiple ADAS functions.


The market size of electric parking brake was estimated at XX M units and $YY B in 2019, growing at –% CAGR till 2025.




Continental and ZF are among the leading electric parking brake suppliers in passenger car segment globally, supplying to multiple OEMs and platforms.Suppliers like Chassis Brakes International, Hyundai Mobis and Mando are also established players and are supplying to multiple OEMs.


infographic: Electric Parking Brake Market, Electric Parking Brakes Market size, Electric Parking Brakes Market share, Electric Parking Brakes Market value, Electric Parking Brakes Market Forecast


ZF launched world`s first front axle mounted electric parked in March 2020. It is a comparatively low cost product which can be fitted in  A segment vehicles, which comprise ~28% of new car sales(~4 Million units) in Europe. 

Commercial vehicle segment has the potential to become next most important segment for electric parking brake suppliers presently due to low electric parking brake penetration. Akebono, ZF, TRW have already made a move in that direction by launching their compact, high braking force electric parking brakes.



  1. Mando Corporation
  2. Hyundai Mobis
  3. Continental AG
  4. Nissin Kogyo
  5. Aisin Seiki
  6. ZF -TRW
  7. DURA Automotive Systems
  8. Küster Holding GmbH
  9. Wuhu Bethel Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd
  10. SKF AB
  11. BWI Group
  12. Hitachi Automotive Systems
  13. Chassis Brakes International
  14. Akebono Brake Industry Co. Ltd



  1. Which market and vehicle segments will have highest growth rate?
  2. Average penetration of electric parking brake in top 10 car markets and its growth in next 5 years?
  3. Average B-2-B electric parking brake price in all segments
  4. Latest technology advancements in electric parking brake market and new product development
  5. What are the most important technological and market trends in electric parking brake market?
  6. What are the biggest risks to the electric parking brake market and how can suppliers get over them?
  7. Upcoming conventional and electric vehicle platforms with electric parking brake
  8. The future of manual parking brake? Which geographies and vehicle segments are still relevant for manual/hand operated parking brake?
  9. Impact of growth in EV market on electric parking brake market globally
  10. Growth in commercial vehicle market? Penetration in LCV market
  11. How will suppliers tackle the damage done by recalls?
  12. Electric parking brake manufacturing in US, Europe and China
  13. Global OEM-supplier alignment for electric parking brakes
  14. Market share of leading players in different segments and their future growth strategy
  15. Detailed analysis of electric parking brake value chain and supply chain

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