Mobility Foresights


There are various components in a vehicle that are made using Powder Metallurgy. Most of them are found in Powertrain (Engine and transmission applications, followed by  suspension and chassis components.

1. Market Segmentation
2. Market Forecast (Volume and Value)
  • by Application(Engine,transmission and chassis)
  • by components(Electric parking Brake,Forward clutch hub, Synchronizer hub,(VVT)- Vane rotor, sprocket and thrust plates,Turbocharger vanes, Shock absorber parts -Piston cylinder ends, strut rod guides and compression valves, EGR)
  • by Geography (Asia excluding china, Europe, North America and China)


  1. Motherson
  2. Sintercom
  3. Schunk Sinter Metals
  4. Hitachi Chemical





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