Global Motorcycle Headlight Market 2021-2026

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    1. European motorcycle market had a total 1.5 Million sales reported in 2020 and the electric motorcycle market had a 15% growth rate.
    2. The motorcycle market in Southeast Asia has nearly reached saturation point. In the region’s largest countries, almost nine out of ten households own a two-wheeler.
    3. Lumax and Fiem Industries are the market leaders in Two-wheeler LED lighting in India.
    4. In 2020, according to The China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, a total of 17 million motorcycles were produced and sold, which was a year-on-year decrease of 0.38% in China.
    5. In 2020 , motorcycle sales reached 4,361,008 units with domestic sales of 3,660,616 units and exports of 700,392 units in Indonesia with highest selling motorcycles; Honda’s Beat and Vario’s headlights are furnished with LED technology with sophisticated design.
    6. The OEMs have to give a major thought to the changes in overall vehicle design, emission compliance and associated margin. Therefore a significant redesign has resulted in inclusion of light-weight sub-components and energy saving components including LEDs.
    7. A shift to halogen and LED combination is anticipated in the new models with shift to complete LED in the next 2 -3 years in various mid range(150cc-250cc) models.
    8. The increasing number of uses of LED lamps is inseparable from its advantages over ordinary halogen lamps. Some of them are shock resistance, fast response time, energy saving, environmentally friendly and produce good lighting and light color. The innovation is also increasingly penetrated by the many choices of light colors.
    9. SAE Recommended Practice J2087 ‘Daytime running lights for use on motor vehicles’ is an optional standard.
    10. Several countries require the use of DRLs (mainly low beam headlights) under traffic laws but they are not required to be hardwired.



    Over the past decade technological innovations in automobile lighting have not only improved product quality and fuel efficiency, but have also enhanced the best value for customers’ value for money and manufacturers have responded with path-breaking product features at best prices.


    Motorcycle lighting market contains many inherent and well-recognized risks and minimizing or eliminating these risks draws attention from hundreds of manufacturers and sustains a large international market.


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    By Application

    1. Halogen
    2. LED
    3. Others



    By Region

    1. China
    2. India
    3. U.S
    4. Europe
    5. Rest of the World




    The Model 8790 adaptive low beam LED headlamp from J.W. Speaker Corporation is the world’s first dynamically “adaptive” motorcycle headlight for the aftermarket.


    By filling in the void of light to the left or right of the motorbike, this PAR56 (7″ round) LED headlamp tackles a long-standing weakness with motorcycle illumination at night, adequate vision while cornering. As the motorcycle leans, the unit’s powerful electronics and embedded sensors determine bank angles in real time, automatically guiding a light array angled up or down in the foreground.


    In addition, the Model adaptive headlamp intelligently “tunes” low beam and banking optics so that visibility in corners is maximized. As a result, J.W. Speaker has solved a fundamental problem of nighttime visibility that current aftermarket and OEM motorcycle headlights can’t solve, resulting in a technological breakthrough that substantially increases operator comfort and safety.


    For J.W. Speaker and our distribution partners, the great prospect here is to refit millions of motorcycles with our Model 8790 adaptive low beam LED headlights, which will set a new benchmark for exceptional night-time visibility.


    The most recent LED Poly-Ellipsoid Headlight System (PES) headlamp module has been released by vertically integrated LED manufacturer Lextar. The brand-new LED PES headlight module is fitted with an independently designed optical lens by Lextar that can increase maximum luminance to 70,000cd.


    It is designed for automobile and motorcycle headlights. At the upcoming Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition (ALE), the new module will make its debut. A variety of LED packages, light bars, and light engines for automobiles will also be announced by Lextar to show off its ability to provide one-stop service and vertical integration.


    With a light pattern that complies with the ECE R112 asymmetric headlight specifications and China’s GB25991 LED headlight standard, Lextar’s new LED PES headlamp module is a fisheye headlight that combines high and low beams.




    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 July 2021 Varroc Surface LED, 3D lighting, Adaptive, Front Lighting Systems, Matrix LED, and Laser are some of the new technologies that VLS brings to market.
    2 Feb 2021 Lumax  The company has a strong presence in the 2W and PV segments, which contribute 48% and 20% to total revenue, respectively.  Lumax Auto is expected to be a beneficiary of demand in 2W and PV segments.
    4 February 2021 Stanley The new direct-projection-type optical structure realized by silicone separate with improved transparency and heat resistance has made it 50% smaller than conventional lamps and improved light extraction efficiency by more than 25%.


    Numerous technological advancements were observed in the automotive lighting segment over the past 5 years. It witnessed the advent of incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and xenon lamps. Currently LED lighting is gaining attraction worldwide.


    The current penetration of LED lights in automobiles is lower than conventional halogen and xenon lamps globally. However their use per vehicle will increase as the demand for vehicle design differentiation and introduction of new applications increase. LED lights provide designers excellent flexibility in creating new lightning styles helping manufacturers command a significant price premium.


    The LED revolution for automobiles have taken safety, efficiency and design versatility to a new level offering manufacturers to gain market credibility. These features combined with substantial environmental benefits, make LED lights an option to the industry.


    infographic: Motorcycle Headlight Market, Motorcycle Headlight Market Size, Motorcycle Headlight Market Trends, Motorcycle Headlight Market Forecast, Motorcycle Headlight Market Risks, Motorcycle Headlight Market Report, Motorcycle Headlight Market Share


    Companies with strong domain knowledge in LED, In-house and R&D and testing capabilities, technological process and state of the art manufacturing facilities coupled with long standing relationships with OEMs to capture sustainable business opportunities.


    The LA-based bespoke production motorcycle company ARCH Motorcycle and J.W. Speaker, a designer of LED and new lighting technologies for automotive, powersports, transportation, and industrial products, announce their official lighting alliance.


    For all ARCH Motorcycle models, including the ARCH KRGT-1 and the upcoming ARCH 1s and ARCH Method 143 models, J.W. Speaker will supply its high-end LED headlights. Additionally, J.W. Speaker and ARCH Motorcycle will collaborate to create specialised LED lighting technology for upcoming ARCH models.


    The “Change In Pairs” lighting campaign from Philips aims to improve and increase driver visibility. Whenever a headlight bulb needs to be replaced because of damage, failure, or when one of the bulbs starts to dim, vehicle owners are urged to do so in pairs, according to the new Lighting Safety Campaign launched by Lumileds, LLC.


    Altering both headlight bulbs will help deliver the full benefit of the car’s headlights as originally intended by the manufacturer and ensure that the road ahead is properly illuminated. Although headlight maintenance is frequently disregarded, well-maintained headlights can significantly increase nighttime driver visibility.


    To ensure that their headlights are working properly and effectively, drivers should frequently inspect them.



    • Honda is the leading OEM in the two-wheeler in India with 62% overall LED penetration in headlamps in their line-up.
    • The high adoption of LEDs so far has been majorly due to upcoming BS 6, as a fuel injection system needs a lot of electronics including ECUs, sensors, so light weighting and low current consumption is where LEDs can actually reduce the voltage consumption almost six or seven times.
    • About 20 out of 50 top- selling two-wheelers in India contributing to 42% of total annual sales have LED headlights as standard.
    • By 2026 there will be a 250% increase in LED sales compared to 2020. DRL’s , Taillamps and Headlamps will have Excellent Growth rate.


    infographic: Motorcycle Headlight Market, Motorcycle Headlight Market Size, Motorcycle Headlight Market Trends, Motorcycle Headlight Market Forecast, Motorcycle Headlight Market Risks, Motorcycle Headlight Market Report, Motorcycle Headlight Market Share



    • In 2020, the sales of electric vehicles in mainland China reached 1.3 million, with all LED headlamps, which has surpassed traditional automobile countries such as Germany and the United States, ranking first in the world.
    • The production and sales volume of motorcycles with a displacement of more than 250cc was about 200,800 units equipped with high detailed LED technology and an year-on-year increase of 13.32% in 2020.
    • In 2020, sales of small and medium-displacement two-wheeled motorcycles (displacement below 250cc, including 250cc motorcycles) was approximately 12.34 million units which had a LED penetration above ~85%.


    To know more about Global LED Headlight Market, read our report



    • A total of 883,102 motorcycles registered in 2020 in the five largest European markets (i.e. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK).
    • The largest motorcycle markets in Europe in 2020 were: Germany (220,304 units), Italy (218,027 units) and France (191,231 units).
    • The largest European moped markets (i.e., Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain) rose from 246,345 units in 2019 to 279,841 in 2020. This represents an increase of 13.6% on a year-on-year basis.
    • The European vehicles equipped with adaptive driving beam headlights (ADB) will increase roadway lighting by as much as 86 percent when compared to U.S. low beam headlights. However, ADB headlight technology is not currently allowed by U.S. standards.
    • With ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam), the high beams are always on and when another vehicle is detected, that area is shaded to prevent glare that would otherwise interfere with the other driver’s field of vision. ADB works effectively for both preceding and oncoming vehicles. is available showing European headlights with ADB engaged on U.S. roads.


    infographic: Motorcycle Headlight Market, Motorcycle Headlight Market Size, Motorcycle Headlight Market Trends, Motorcycle Headlight Market Forecast, Motorcycle Headlight Market Risks, Motorcycle Headlight Market Report, Motorcycle Headlight Market Share



    The Adaptive LED Motorcycle headlight is the world’s intelligent motorcycle headlight that can dynamically adapt to driving directions, which addresses a longstanding shortcoming of traditional motorcycle headlights. Delivering outrageous beam performance and smart light distribution.


    In addition, the lighting system companies are working with their partners to jointly research computer-supported simulations intended to predict the service life for the new material. The research centers, in turn, contribute their expertise in modeling, simulation, operational lifetime forecasting and damage analysis and the key area is analyzing defective components using accompanying products like X-ray tomography.


    OEMs further explore to improve safety and expand headlamp design of motorcycles by taking extensive experience with automotive technology. Looking ahead to autonomous driving society in the future, companies are proposing next-generation lamps with built-in LiDAR sensors and cameras, which more than function as lighting devices.


    The lighting and electronics expert HELLA has started a new research project together with further partners. The main focus to establish communication between autonomous vehicles and other road users can be ensured with the aid of automotive lighting technology. Among other things, the researchers are investigating how an autonomous vehicle can use light-based systems to signal that it has detected a pedestrian or cyclist and that it is safe for them to change sides of the road. For example, the use of LED-based status indicators or displays on the vehicle body is conceivable.




    The Global Motorcycle Headlight market is estimated at $XX Billion in 2020, growing at XX% CAGR till 2026.




    SI No Timeline Company Developments
    1 June 2021 Minda Industries Minda Industries has acquired a 51 percent share in UzChasys in Uzbekistan. The latter is a well-known manufacturer of automotive light manufacturing. The holdings total over Rs 58 crore, according to Minda Industries.
    2 June 2021 Varroc  Varroc has set up new manufacturing plants in Morocco, Poland, India, Brazil and new line in Czech Republic on back of global order wins.
    4 Feb 2021 Lumax Lumax Auto has acquired an Indian plastic component manufacturer as part of its  diversification plan to double sales to $1 billion (Rs 7000 crore) over the next five years, with Rs 1,000 crore in capital planned to meet the topline goal.


    Varroc Lighting Systems (VLS) has developed ADB headlamps, which communicate with onboard cameras and sensors to allow the user to drive with high beams permanently without glaring oncoming fellow drivers. VLS also held a workshop to demonstrate technology from 10 to 1.3 million pixels to key North America OEMs and the media.


    The majority of the large number of patents ZKW applied in 2020 are for technologies and sensors used in autonomous driving. One of these inventions, for example, ensures an optimal view of camera sensors at night, by providing targeted illumination of the area around the vehicle with an intelligent headlamp.


    Laser-powered headlights are already available on BMW Motorrad’s flagship model, the BMW K1600GTL. According to BMW, the benefits of a laser-powered headlight are a reduction in power (half of a comparable LED system), a brighter and true white light, and a longer high-beam throw distance (600 meters, double that of conventional headlights).




    1. Minda Industries Ltd.
    2. Varroc Engineering Ltd.
    3. Lumax Industries Ltd.
    4. Stanley Electric
    5. Valeo
    6. ZKW Group GmbH
    7. BMW Group
    8. Fiem Industries Ltd.
    9. Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA
    10. Koito Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    11. OSRAM
    12. Philips



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